Did Ristar deserve its own video game series?

Everyone remembers how popular the Sega Genesis was back in the 90’s along with the SNES during the 16-bit era from the early part of that decade. The main attractions on the Sega Genesis was the Sonic the Hedgehog series with hardly any other game having the same level of success. However, Sega did some underrated titles that deserved more recognition such as Ristar from 1995. As a platform title Ristar was one of the most polished platforms to have come out of ’95 in terms of graphics and also had a pretty catchy soundtrack. The music in Ristar was almost as good as anything you would hear in the original Sonic the Hedgehog trilogy despite not being nearly as popular. Even though, Ristar was not a massive commercial success as the Sonic the Hedgehog trilogy from ’91-’94 Sega definitely could have turned it into a video game series. While Sonic the Hedgehog remained very popular throughout the 90’s the series began to decline after ’01 following the release of Sonic Adventure 2. If Sega had turned Ristar into a video game series it would have been something that the company could have fell back on after the Sonic series became stale. It would have been interesting to see what a 3D Ristar video game would have looked like during the late 90’s-early 00’s or what a potential remake would look like in this day and age. There is no question that Ristar was one of those games that definitely deserved a sequel especially considering the fact it had more appeal than the likes of the Wonder Boy series did back in the 90’s. Ristar was every bit as fun to play as Dynamite Headdy and the soundtrack rivaled the likes of Sonic the Hedge and Streets of Rage 2 in quality. While a new Ristar game or a remaster of the original title would turn heads within the gaming world its unlikely it would a massive commercial success in this era of gaming.

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