Max Payne 4- Will it ever happen?

Its hard to believe that its been decade since Max Payne 3 was released for the PlayStation 3 & Xbox 360 back in 2012. Max Payne 3 was one of the most underrated action-adventure games of the early 10’s despite its lack of commercial success. There are many people who would go on record and argue that Max Mayne 2 from ’03 was the best installment within the entire series and began to decline in popularity since then. There has hardly been any interest from RockStar Games to revive the series especially considering the fact that more people interested in the Gran Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption series. Even though, Max Payne is one of the more memorable protagonist video game characters to have emerged within the past two decades he had a very tragic backstory who went from being an undercover fugitive cop to being a security contractor in Sao Paulo, Brazil for a wealthy businessman. Max Payne’s job as a security contractor in Brazil took place following his family being murdered by criminals which made for a very depressing backstory story which many people were probably not to fond of the Max Payne 3. While storytelling, dialouge along gory aspects of the game were seen as strong positives in Max Payne 3 the ending felt somewhat underwhelming. While there were various aspects of Max Payne 3 that could of been better and the online gaming community has not been too vocal about a Max Payne 4 game within the past ten years.

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