Pokemon Red & Blue- Gameboy’s greatest RPG ever?

Its hard to believe that Pokemon Red & Blue was released over 25 years ago on the original Game Boy system. Not only was Pokemon Red & Blue highly successful on a commercial level but it managed to reach over 46 million in sales worldwide along with the Yellow and Green versions of the game. When it comes down to revenue the Pokemon series has made Nintendo millions over the past two decades and it all started with the Red & Blue versions of the critically acclaimed RPG that appeared on Game Boy back in 1996. Pokemon Red & Blue was released about a year for the animated series had aired in America and from ’97 onwards the franchise really began to skyrocket in terms of popularity. By the year 2000 Pokemon was considered to be iconic in America and was very popular among children and even teenagers in the realms of anime and video games. When comes down to Nintendo’s Game Boy product line video games within the Pokemon series have always been among the best selling games whether it be GB Color or GB Advance. The original Game Boy is legendary and of itself but the world had never seen an RPG quite like Pokemon prior to ’96 and every version of the game was equally creative despite having the same linear storyline. The exclusion of Ash Ketchum in the Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow allowed players to create their own custom character while capturing as many creatures as they could in order to battle the Elite Four towards the end of the game. Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow felt more like an adventure to many people back in the 90’s than simply just a game. There were many RPG’s from the 90’s decade that are considered to be legendary that appeared on both SNES and PlayStation that are considered to be more memorable overall. However, classic RPG’s like Secret Of Man, Chrono Trigger, Seiken Densetsu and even Final Fantasy VII has not sold as much as Pokemon Red & Blue did for Game Boy back in the 90’s. To say Pokemon Red & Blue are among the greatest RPG’s from the 90’s sounds like a bit of a stretch. But there is almost no question that Pokemon Red & Blue were definitely the most successful RPG’s to appear on Game Boy.

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