Metroid Dread confirmed for release in Q3 2021!!!

Nintendo’s Direct Presentation from E3 2021 was better than some initially thought it would be. One of the most shocking reveals from Nintendo’s E3 presentation was Metroid Dread which was a game that was initially going to be released for the Nintendo DS during the mid 00’s. The most interesting thing about Metroid Dread is that fact that its supposed to be the direct sequel Metroid Fusion from ’02 for the Game Boy Advance. Apparently, the development Metroid Dread was scrapped multiple since the mid 00’s mainly because Nintendo had their minds set on various other games & projects. Metroid Dread is supposed to the first brand new installment within the series in almost 20 years. Also, the gameplay for Metroid Dread will resemble Metroid: Samus Returns from ’17 with MercurySteam & Nintendo EPD as the developers. Based on what we know Matt Dread will be a side-scrolling platform game with stealth elements for added realism. The storyline in Metroid Dread follows the events of Metroid Fusion when learns that the lethal X parasites are still alive; despite the destruction of planet SR 388. Samus eventually learns that the transmission message the Galactic Federation received came ZDR where she is eventually sent to investigate.

Samus investigation of ZDR comes after seven E.M.M.I. robots vanish after being sent to discover the source of the transmission. Metroid Dread had a very intriguing yet plot with an elements of mystery and suspense; making it a promising title to look forward to later this year. As it currently stands Metroid Dread is scheduled to be released exclusively for the Nintendo Switch on October 8th with the game being nineteen years in the making. While Metroid Prime 4 did not appear at the E3 event this year we know that Retro Studios is still working on the game as we speak. Hopefully, we will see some gameplay footage of Metroid Prime 4 sometime next year possibly E3 2022 depending on how far the game is in development.

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