Retro Gaming 90’s- Ducktales 2: (1993)

There are many people who are aware of the popularity of Disney’s Ducktales series during the late 80’s. Ducktales was one of the more high profile Disney titles from ’87-’90 to a point where it had a couple of video games. The original Ducktales title for the NES was released back in ’89 and was well received by critics and fans alike. The most appealing aspects about the Ducktales game from ’89 included the soundtrack, visuals along with the gameplay. The success of the original Ducktales game in ’89 lead to Make Software & Capcom producing a direct sequel in ’93 for the NES and Game Boy entitled Ducktales 2. By 1993, the NES was considered to be somewhat obsolete due to the popularity of 16-bit game consoles such as: Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis. There are many people who believed Ducktales 2 would have been better off on the SNES opposed to the NES in ’93. However, there were more people around the world who owned the NES console more than any other game system. Also, Game Boy was starting to become very popular during the early 90’s which was something Capcom wanted to take advantage of.

The story for Ducktales 2 revolved around the main protagonist Scrooge McDuck attempting to discover treasure from a map created by Fergus McDuck. While Scrooge McDuck is on a journey discover hidden treasure players even find out that main antagonist Flinheart Glomgold is after the same thing. Ducktales 2 presented players with a total of five stages which consisted of players venturing in places like Egypt, Scotland, Mu, Niagara Falls and the Bermuda Triangle. After completing Ducktales 2 players were presented with two possible endings depending how much money they had left by the end of game. The story also saw an interesting twist when players discovered Glomgold was actually a robot named D-1000 that had the ability to dramatically alter its appearance. The gameplay for Ducktales 2 was most similar to its predecessor with the exception of players having the ability to return to completed stages for more money. There also a few added gameplay mechanics which gave Scrooge more ways to interact with his environment on each stage. Players were also able to utilize a hook maneuver across water while hanging from rafts. In terms of quality Ducktales 2 was a pretty decent platform title especially with the added storyline and improved in game mechanics. Ducktales 2 was a game that could have been more of an attraction on the SNES; but it was only fair to have Ducktales 2 on the NES after the prequel released on that console in 1989.

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