Minecraft Dungeons reaches a new milestone!!!

As many people know Minecraft Dungeons has been out for over a year now since its initial release on May 26th this past year in 2020. Minecraft Dungeons was developed by Mojang Studios & Double Eleven and published by Xbox Game Studios and released for multiple gaming platforms. Microsoft Dungeons appeared on consoles such as the PS4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows and Nintendo Switch and was concerned to be a fairly decent action role-playing dungeon crawler title. Minecraft Dungeons was a game that was clearly designed to appeal to casual gamers; and has succeeded in doing so with the past year or so. It has been recently reported that Minecraft Dungeons has exceeded 11 million players within the past year in at least 232 different countries. While the action role-playing genre is very popular these days; 11 million players within a year is outstanding for a dungeon crawler especially since the genre has greatly Devil mainstream popularity since the 90’s.

While Minecraft Dungeons did have a few drawbacks especially as it relates to the games short story mode; there were more positives than negatives in Minecraft Dungeons. There were many critics and gaming publications that praised the graphics and soundtrack for Minecraft Dungeons. Also, the fun factor in Minecraft Dungeons was very high which made it one of the best family games of 2020. As it currently stands it uncertain whether or not Minecraft Dungeons will get a direct sequel. But seeing how popular Minecraft Dungeons is with casual gamers right now it might years before we get a direct sequel for the game. The idea of Minecraft Dungeons receiving expansion packs with new storylines sounds appealing and would keep players interested in the game. Minecraft Dungeons is a game that can definitely remain an attraction within the next two years or so since its only a year old.

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