Why limited backwards compatibility with the PS5 is a good idea

The news just broke that Sony’s upcoming PS5 console will not be backwards compatible with PS3, PS2 or PSOne games. While there are many people who are frustrated about the limited backwards compatibility that the PS5 will feature they will be happy to know that PS4 game can run in Sony’s next generation console. The reason why Sony’s limited backwards compatibility for the PS5 is great idea is because it allows players to enjoy their greatest games from 2013 onwards; while giving them the chance to check out their upcoming games for the PS5. There is still a lot of PS4 games that people still enjoy including God Of War, Horizon Zero Dawn, Persona 5, Finals Fantasy VII: Remake and more. Extending the backwards compatibility for games that came before the PS4 era could potentially have a negative affect on the overall sales of the PS5. Sony does not want consumers being so obsessed with older games to a point where their upcoming titles for the PS5 is overshadowed.

Also, if Sony wanted gamers to play their older titles from the PS1, PS2 or PS4 eras they would most likely have them remastered instead. Limiting backwards compatibility to only PS4 games is good business because it allows them to compete with Microsoft’s Xbox Series X which does the same thing but with older generation games that came before Xbox One. Also, while Nintendo is coming out with a new Switch console next year that is supposed feature 4K resolution its there is no backwards compatibility with older generation games. Similar to Nintendo’s eShop players can buy older games from Sony’s PlayStation Store. Even though, the PS4 had no backwards compatibility with PS2/PS3 games it still managed to be the most successful game system of the 10’s decade. While Sony PS5 has many promise features including super fast loading times, adaptive triggers and haptic feedback; there is no question that backwards compatibility will make it even more of an attraction during the Holiday season later this year.

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