Reggie Fils-Aime joins GameStop’s Board Of Directors!!!

The topic regarding GameStop gaining former Nintendo Of America as a board member is one that has been gaining a lot of mainstream attention within gaming world as of late. As many people know GameStop has been making a lot of cutbacks as of late and saw the departure of several mid-level managers such as: Steve Koonin, Larry Zilavy, Dan DeMatteo and Gerald Szczepanski. As we all know Reggie Fils Aime had left Nintendo of America back in February 2019 and there were many people who were unsure on what is fate was ultimately going to be. While Fils Amie is expected to start working with GameStop this upcoming month on April 20th two other new employees were brought into the company to start immediately. The former Walmart CEO Bill Simon and current President/CEO of PetSmart are now apart of GameStop’s Board Of Directors; considering their past experience in high level executive positions they seem like they would be perfect for the position that they were hired for. However, out of the three names that has recently joined GameSpot’s Board Of Directors Reggie Fils Amie has the most experience & knowledge as it pertains to the video game industry as whole.

After all, Reggie Fils Amie has been with Nintendo since 2003 and remained with the company throughout the majority of the 00’s decade and pretty much all of the 10’s decade. Fils Amie was the key figure within Nintendo when we saw the releases of the company’s most successful game systems such as the Wii, Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS and most recently the Switch console a few years ago. It will be interesting to see what kind of changes will take place within GameStop under Fils Amie’s guidance especially considering the fact that he was the president of Nintendo for over fifteen years.

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