Should Mother 3 be re-released in America for the Nintendo Switch?

When it comes down down to titles that really deserved to be released in America back in the 2000’s Mother 3 for the Game Boy Advance was definitely one of them. As some people might already know the Mother series has been seemingly absent in the United States ever since Mother 2 otherwise known as Earthbound was released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System back in 1994. Seeing how successful Mother 2 was in the SNES many people believed that were going to get a direct sequel for the Nintendo 64 sometime between the mid to late 90’s. As many of us know Earthbound 64 was eventually scrapped shortly after beta material was developed and we never got see see another Mother game for a major home based Nintendo console.

If the Mother 3 game which was released exclusively in Japan for the Game Boy Advance appeared in the Nintendo Switch it would definitely turn many heads within the gaming world. In fact it would probably end up being one of the hottest 2D RPG’s on the Nintendo Switch. However, there has been no talk whatsoever ever on Nintendo re-releasing Mother 3 for the Switch console or even the Nintendo 3DS for that matter. It’s a real shame since many retro gamers would love to see the Mother series make a return in the future.

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