Should Wrestle Quest be ported for the Nintendo Switch?

There are so many upcoming video games that the world is looking forward to with one of them being Wrestle Quest which is suppose to appear on multiple game systems sometime this year. It has been confirmed that the 2D RPG pro wrestling video game is supposed to appear on game systems like the PlayStation 5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC. However, there has been no confirmation by Skybound Games that Wrestle Quest was going to be ported for the Nintendo Switch. Wrestle Quest looks like something that would appeal to a family friendly audience with its retro cartoonish graphics which would make it perfect for the Nintendo Switch. But at the same time first-party video games like anything within the Super Mario and The Legend of Zelda series would most likely overshadow anything on the Nintendo Switch. Besides Wrestle Quest is a game that would only appeal to a niche audience of gamers who are hardcore fans of pro wrestling. As it currently stands Wrestle Quest does not have an official release date and could be overshadowed by tiles like WWE 2K23 and AEW: Fight Forever. However, Wrestle Quest might end up becoming one of the most creative non-WWE titles that. we have seen in years.

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