Super Mario Bros Movie- Official Trailer 11.29.22

There are many people who are looking forward to the upcoming release of the brand Super Mario Bros Movie which is set appear in theaters worldwide in April 2023. While the world got to witness the first trailer for the Super Mario Bros movie was revealed back on October 6th and many people were very impressed by what they saw. However, the most recent trailer of the Super Mario Bros movie provided us with more insight on what to expect in a couple of months on the big screen. The trailer shows the inclusion of characters like Luigi, Peach and Toad which was expected but Donkey Kong also appeared which came as a pleasant surprise. Apparently, the new Super Mario Bros Movie is going to include scenes that pay homage to legendary Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros series which is something that die hard Nintendo fans will absolutely love. The CGI animation along with the voice acting for the new Super Mario Bros movie was top notch and looks very promising in terms of breaking theatre box office records in 2023. It seems like Nintendo, Universal Pictures and Illumination has created something that could help the Mario series ascend beyond the realm of gaming. The success of this upcoming Mario movie could eventually lead to a sequel later down the line or maybe a new animated television series on a streaming service like Netflix years from now.

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