Freedom Planet 2- Seven years in the making!!!

There are many promising games that are set to be released on various game systems throughout 2022. However, Freedom Planet 2 is one that people have been waiting to see since the very first trailer for the game was revealed back in 2015. The original Freedom Planet game was developed and published by GalaxyTrail and released back in ’14 for multiple game systems including the PS4, Microsoft Windows and Wii-U. Similar to this upcoming game the original Freedom Planet was a 2D platformer with graphics that resembled something that one would see for the Sega Genesis during the early 90’s or Game Boy Advance from the early 00’s. When Freedom Planet 2 was first announced back in 2015 the game was still in development and apparently there has been several delays in the game’s release since then. There are many casual gamers who are unfamiliar with the Freedom Planet series because its considered to be one that appeals to people are fans of retro based indie games. Based on what we know about Freedom Planet 2 this game will include four playable characters including Lilac the Dragon Girl, Carol the Wildcat, Milla the Hound and Neera the Frost Knight. Freedom Planet 2 is a all-female platformer where each character has specific attributes that sets them apart from each other. While Lilac is a speed-type Neera specializes in power while Carol main strength is the area of brawling. Freedom Planet 2 is set to have multiple gameplay options including Adventure & Classic Mode along with Battlesphere arena. Players will have the opportunity to explore the fictional fantasy world of Avalice with modified gameplay. Freedom Planet 2 initially supposed to be released in Spring 2022 but for whatever reason the game has been pushed back to September 13th of this year. Even though, Freedom Planet 2 might not be a bestseller and will most likely fly under the radar on consoles like the Nintendo Switch; people who played the first game will definitely be anxious to see how much Freedom Planet 2 has improved over its ’14 prequel.

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