JoJo’s Bizzare Adventures: All-Star Battle (2013)

When it comes down to unique fighting games that were released during the first half of the 10’s decade titles such as Dead Or Alive 5, Soul Calibur V, Mortal Kombat 9, Marvel vs Capcom 3 and Killer Instinct are all games that instantly comes to mind. The games just mentioned receiving a decent amount of mainstream prior to their respective releases; but unique fighting games such as JoJo’s Bizzare Adventures: All Star Battle from 2013 does not get talked about as much as it should. As many people know the JoJo manga series has been around since 1987 and includes eight different story arcs from its time being apart of the Weekly Shonen Jump until ’04; along with its inclusion in the Ultra Jump seinen manga from ’05 onwards. JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure saw its first major video game back in ’98 when it released on the CPS-3 arcade system in Japan & America prior to being ported for the PS1 along with Dreamcast during Q4 of 1999. Unlike, the All-Star Battle game from 2013 the original JoJo game was developed by Capcom and received mainly mixed reviews from various gaming publications. The JoJo game from ’13 was developed by CyberConnect2 the same company that worked on tge Naruto Shippuden titles and published by Namco Bandi Games.

One of the reasons why the All-Star Battle game was such a big deal was because it was released shortly after a new anime series had emerged in 2012. The animated series was one of got long time fans hyped for a new game which many people were genuinely impressed by following its initial during August 2013. The comic book like visuals for JoJo’s All-Star Battle were beautiful and the story mode for the game highly praised by critics; the game covered eight different story arcs while giving players the opportunity to re-enact various scenes within the manga as the main protagonists. Players also had the opportunity to go through the game’s story as the antagonists in Another Battle mode which added a layer intrigue to JoJo’s All-Star Battle; in addition to the Secret Missions included within certain Scenarios of the Story Mode. Alongside, the story mode JoJo’s All-Star Battle includes a offline Versus Mode along with a online campaign mode where players could earn Customize Medals to alter the appearances unlockable characters. The battle aspect of JoJo’s All-Star Battle was pretty solid since the game included five different fighting styles and players had access to certain ones depending on which character they chose. The inclusion of a Guard Gauge alongside the Heart Heat Gauge added depth to the combat system in JoJo’s All-Star Battle along player’s having the ability to utilize Flash Cancels and Rush Attacks. The stages in JoJo’s All-Star Battle included locations that were present within the manga series from Part 1 Phantom Blood all the way down to Part 8 JoJolion. It should noted JoJo’s Bizzare Adventures: All-Star Battle was a PS3 exclusive which exceeded the expectations of many people sales; since the game managed to reach half a million in pre-orders prior to its release worldwide release outside of Japan in late April 2014. As a fighting game JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures is considered to be underrated by some and was a game that deserved more credit than it actually got back in 2014.

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