Retro Gaming 90’s- Super Mario: All-Stars (1993)

When we think about classic SNES titles from the early 90’s one of the few titles that people think about is the Super Mario: All Stars game from the early 90’s. For those who do know Super Mario Bros I, II, III along with Lost Levels were all initially released during the mid to late 80’s between 1985-1988. Super Mario Bros: All-Stars consisted of the four digitally remastered Mario games from the NES and seemed like a real treat for fans of the series. Super Mario: All-Stars was a couple of years removed from the release of Super Mario World from 1990 and was considered to be something extra to keep gamers interested in Nintendo’s main attraction; along with the release of Super Mario Kart from ’92. Also, it’s quite rare that we get to a collection of Mario games remastered in general. While Super Mario Sunshine along with Super Mario Galaxy I-II were not as popular as the Super Mario Bros titles for the NES they were still really good games that were never officially remastered for next generation consoles that succeeded the game systems they appeared on.

While its no secret that Nintendo likes to look to the future to constantly reinvent themselves its cool that Nintendo took the time to give us 16-bit versions of the NES Mario games from the mid to late 80’s. Super Mario: All-Stars was so popular that it eventually reached over 10 million copies worldwide in terms of sales by 2015. We also got to see Super Mario Bros I-III and lost Lost Levels ported for the Game Boy Advance during the 00’s. The amount of success that Super Mario: All-Stars had since ’93 is a testament to how fun the game was especially since you did not see too many four in one deals going on due the early 90’s on cartridges in general.

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