Retro Gaming 10’s- Metro Last Light: (2013)

As far as first person shooters of the 10’s decade are concerned one of the most popular titles that we have seen includes Metro: Last Light which was published by Deep Silver and developed 4A Games. Metro: Last Light was released back in 2013 for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows and was the direct sequel Metro 2033 which came out back in 2010. What made Metro: Last Light unique was the fact that it was a first-person shooter title that included both survival horror and stealth-like gameplay. The post-apocalyptic setting along with the storyline following the events of Metro 2033 was compelling. The main protagonist Artyom was charged with the task of locating a child who was a part of a species that he previously launched a missile strike against prior to Metro: Last Light. Also, the inclusion of multiple endings in Metro: Last Light added to its replay value since it was determined by the accumulation of good or bad karma that players would generate throughout the game.

Since its initial release back in 2013 the “Redux” Metro: Last Light was re-released in 2014 for the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One. Metro: Last Light Redux was considered to be a success especially considering the fact that it eventually reached at least 1.5 million copies in sales. Despite, the complaints regarding the immense difficulty relating to artificial intelligence in Metro: Last Light mainly with boss battles it was and still is considered be a critically acclaimed first-person shooter that still holds up in 2019. In fact, the direct sequel to Metro: Last Light known as Metro Exodus was released back in February 2019 and is considered to be one of the hottest first person shooter titles of the year.

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