Chrono Trigger (1995)


This unforgettable classic entitled Chrono Trigger was released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in early 1995.  Chrono Trigger was a RPG game developed by  Square Enix formally known as Square Co and is considered to be an instant classic among many people and critics alike.  There are many reasons why this game was very popular during the mid 90s.  One of the reasons why Chrono Trigger was popular included the amount of time the designers had invested into the game.  If anyone has ever played Chrono Trigger they would realize how much detail the designers had placed into every aspect of the game.  The graphics for Chrono Trigger are highly refined and looks amazing for a Super Nintendo game.  The game also features an excellent storyline that players can easily become interested in.  One of the strong points concerning the plot for  Chrono Trigger includes the amount of creativity the developers had placed into the game.  The concept of time travel plays a huge role in this game as the main character Chrono has to complete a majority of his missions in different eras within the game.


The game starts with Chrono at the Milennial Fair at 1000 A.D. while celebrating the Kingdom of Guardia.  Chrono then meets a girl named Marle who is later revealed to be a princess.  Crono makes this startling discovery about Marle after an incident where his friend Lucca had created a teleportation device that malfunctioned earlier when the princess used it.  After following the princess Crono is then accused by the chancellor of Guardia for kidnapping the princess and sentenced to death for his alleged crimes.  Immediately after the sentencing  Lucca and Marle help Crono escape from jail and begin to evade pursuers through time travel.  Throughout the game Chrono and his friends travel many time periods including the Prehistoric era, Middle Ages, Post-Apocalyptic era, and the End of Time.  Chrono and his friends adventure throughout time by utilizing a time machine known as “Epoch” where they battle many different types enemies from different time periods.  Some of the most difficult bosses that players would encounter in this game includes Gata, Zeal, and Lavos.  However, once players learn how to master the game defeating these enemies can become easier over time just like many RPG games.


The gameplay for Chrono Trigger is similar  to Final Fantasy  because it includes the Active Time Battle System. The characters are allowed to use physical and magical attacks during battles while using hit points to track the damage both players and enemies have received.  The Chrono Trigger also features fantastic visual design along with a phenomenal soundtrack and multiple endings depending on how game is completed.  Chrono Trigger as received many awards from different gaming publications. Chrono Trigger was named the “Best Super Nintendo Game” along with being the “Best Role Playing game” by Electronic Gaming Monthly in 1995.  The game was also named the “Best Role Playing Game” along with receiving a five-star rating from GamePro. Chrono Trigger not only received high praise from gamers and critics alike it had also received a sequel entitled Chrono Cross which was released for the PlayStation console in 1999.  This game has also been re-released for multiple consoles including the Nintendo DS along with PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita which is available through the PlayStation Network.  This game is considered to be memorable classic that really captured the essence of what an RPG game should be like.  The designers of Chrono Trigger including  Akira Toriyama, Yasunori Mitsuda and many more had created a masterpiece that  many people from the 16-bit era will always remember. Also,  Chrono Trigger is considered one of the best Super Nintendo games of all-time due to its incredible gameplay, storyline, and soundtrack which was astounding for a Super Nintendo game.

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