Retro Gaming 10’s- Kirby Triple Deluxe: (2014)

The 2010’s was such a great time to be a fan of video games especially Nintendo considering the fact that we got to see the release of game systems like Nintendo 3DS, Wii-U and the Nintendo Switch during that decade. While we did get some great Mario and Zelda games from the 2010’s decade we also got to see the release of some underrated Kirby titles such as the Triple Deluxe game from 2014. Kirby: Triple Deluxe was released for the Nintendo 3DS and was considered to be the thirteenth installment within its series. Kirby Triple Deluxe was published by Nintendo and developed by HAL Laboratory and it surprisingly ended up becoming more popular and successful that the Rainbow Curse for the Wii-U from 2015. Kirby Triple Deluxe had six levels with the final boss being the main antagonist Queen Sectonia. The strongest positives about Kirby Triple Deluxe were the graphics and level designs because the game looked like something that could have worked on a home console like Wii-U console. Kirby Triple Deluxe managed to reach over 2.6 million in sales despite the storyline now being quite as interesting as previous installments like the Return to Dreamland game from 2011. If Kirby Triple Deluxe was released for the Wii-U instead of the Nintendo 3DS it could have possible have been one of the best selling titles on that console. But then again Kirby Triple Deluxe would have not gotten nearly as much exposure to the public on the Wii-U versus the Nintendo 3DS. Its been at least nine years since Kirby Triple Deluxe was released for the Nintendo 3DS and at some point Nintendo should consider remaking the game for the Switch console for 2024-2025.

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