Retro Gaming 90’s- Street Fighter: The Movie (1995)

When it comes down to forgotten installments within the Street Fighter series one of the few titles that does not get talked about hardly ever is the movie game from 1995. The Street Fighter: Movie video game was release the following year after the film hit theaters worldwide in 1994. The Street Fighter: Movie game was very different than anything we saw within its series because the graphics and sprites looked like something you would see in a Mortal Kombat game from the 90’s. While the Japanese version of The Street Fighter: Movie game was published by Capcom the American and European ports were licensed by Acclaim Entertainment but both games still looked very identical. This game featured almost every character from the ’94 Street Fighter movie including Akuma who was not in the film but appeared as a secret character in Super Street Fighter II: Turbo. The gameplay in the Street Fighter: Movie was very similar to the Super Street Fighter II: Turbo title which appeared on the PS1 because it included Super Combos along with Super Special Moves for each character. Similar to entries that preceded it the Street Fighter: Movie included an Arcade and Versus mode but had a special option known as Movie Battle which replicated the sequence of battles and events from the actual film from 1994. There are many people who will go on record and argue that The Street Fighter: Movie game was one of Capcom’s worst looking titles of all-time; especially in comparison to the Alpha series along with Street Fighter’s II and III. If the Street Fighter: Movie video game was more polished and had better aesthetics it could have much better than what it was.

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