Retro Gaming 90’s- Night Warriors: Darkstalkers Revenge (1995)

When it comes down to 2D fighting games from the 90’s that are considered to be underrated one of the few titles that comes to mind is Night Warriors: Darkstalkers Revenge which was released back in 1995. Night Warriors: Darkstalkers Revenge was initially released in arcade centers for the CP System II before appearing on the Sega Saturn in 1996. For whatever reason Night Warriors: Darkstalkers Revenge never appeared on the PS1 despite the console being more popular both Japan and America. For those who do not know Night Warriors: DarkStalkers Revenge was the direct sequel to the original Darkstalkers game Capcom had developed in ’94. Ironically, Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors was ported for the PS1 in ’96 despite the quality of the game being slightly inferior compared to Night Warriors: DarkStalkers Revenge. As far as popularity is concerned DarkStalkers: The Night Warriors was arguably a more well known title since it was the first entry within the entire series. In fact, Night Warriors: DarkStalkers Revenge had the same characters, ending and plot from the ’94 game. However, Night Warriors: DarkStalkers Revenge did have some new characters in addition to the likes of Morrigan Aensland, Lord Raptor, Hsien-Ko Felicia and others.

There were non-playable boss characters such as Huitzil & Pyron who were in the first DarkStalkers game that became selectable in Night Warriors: DarkStalkers Revenge. Also, the improvements made to the gameplay for DarkStalkers Revenge was a positive. When it came downtown the super meters of the characters Capcom had decided to give them both EX & ES specials. While a EX special consumed the players entire special gauge an ES special took up about a fraction of the characters meter somewhat similar to the Street Fighter Alpha series from the mid to late 90’s. Its entire possible that Night Warriors: DarkStalkers Revenge could have been way more popular than it was during ’95-’96 on the PS1. However, 2D fighting games were starting to lose their appeal in America & Japan during the mid 90’s in favor of 3D gaming. Despite, not being as popular as other 2D fighting games from the 90’s Night Warriors: DarkStalkers Revenge was still a very good fighting game that does not get talked about as much should.

Should the release price of PS5 Controllers be the same as the PS4?

The announcement regarding the PlayStation 5 and its upcoming release in late 2020 is something that everyone in the gaming world is talking about right now. We have recently learned more details about the features regarding the PS5 console itself. As far as features are concerned in relation to the PlayStation 5 it has been revealed that Sony has decided to place more emphasis in providing people with a richer gameplay experience overall. The addition of adaptive triggers and haptic feedback is something that is unique and will make the PS5 control pad standout more from Sony’s older generation controllers. However, despite the recent information that has surfaced online there is no news regarding how much the PlayStation 5 console will be priced at along with its controllers.

As currently stands a Sony DualShock 4 Wireless Controller averages around $64.99 at Best in America. With the new features of the Sony DualShock 5 wireless controller some believe that the initial release price should be slightly higher. We are most likely going to find out more about the cost of the PlayStation 5 along with its accessories within the next couple of months or so. However, the PlayStation 5 is priced the same as the PS4 there is no doubt that the console will have strong sales within its first year.

PlayStation 5 Confirmed for release before the holidays in 2020!!!!

One of the hottest topics in the gaming world for over the past year or so has involved rumors regarding Sony’s highly anticipated PlayStation 5 console. There have been many people who have been anxious to know the official release date of Sony’s next generation console for quite sometime now. As it currently stands the PlayStation 4 which was released worldwide back in November 2013 has sold at least 100 million units worldwide. Despite, not selling nearly as much as the PlayStation 2 did due the 00’s The PS4 still managed to become more successful than rival consoles such as the Wii-U and the Xbox One during the 10’s decade. The PlayStation 4 had improved greatly from its predecessor as far as features were concerned. The return of blu-ray compatibility along with the inclusion of motion control and 1 TB storage capacity versus 80 GB for the PS3 made the PlayStation 4 worth the price of $399.99 following its initial release approximately six years ago. Since then many people have thought of how Sony could possibly top the PlayStation 4 in terms of quality. As far as details regarding PS5 are concerned we have learned more information about new features which will make it stand out more from previous game systems.

One of the features that has been mentioned in relation to the PS5 includes haptic feedback oppose to simple rumbling which is something that has been common on DualShock controllers since the late 90’s-early 00’s. The haptic feedback feature not only contributes to adding more depth to the overall gameplay experience but it will make titles from different genres feel more unique. With haptic feedback racing games will feel different from sports games such as football making the overall gameplay experience more realistic. It should also be noted that adaptive triggers has been added to the L2/R2 buttons for the PlayStation 5 control pad. In addition, to controller based improvements it should be noted that the PS5 will indeed utilize physical discs that will have a capacity 100 GB. Other features includes ray tracing acceleration in the GPU hardware along with and a new UI to give players more details on what they can play along with their friends activities. USB-C connectivity and a system battery with a larger capacity than that of the PS4 will also be key features in the PlayStation 5. While the official release date for the PlayStation 5 has yet to be confirmed many people believe that it will most likely happen in November 2020. After all, history has shown that Sony normally releases their next generation game consoles around November following every six years or so. The PlayStation 3 was released back in November 2006 while the PS4 came out that same month in 2013. It will interesting to see how much the PlayStation 5 will be priced prior to its official release in late 2020.

Retro Gaming 10’s- Lollipop Chainsaw: (2012)

When it comes down to older action based hack and slash games from the late 00’s-early 10’s titles such as Bayonetta, No More Heroes 2, Darksiders along with God Of War 3 comes to many people’s minds in relation to that particular genre. The titles just mentioned were all big attractions for older generation consoles between the late 00’s-early 10’s such as PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and the Nintendo Wii. Which the hack n slash genre of gaming was not as pop as first and third person shooters fans and critics alike were fond of certain games from that genre back in the day. One of the few action-based hack n slash games that came out back in the early 10’s that has been seeming forgotten since its release was Chainsaw Lollipop from June 2012. For those who many have missed it Chainsaw Lollipop was developed by Grasshopper Manufacture the same company that worked on the No More Heroes series since 2007. Also, Chainsaw Lollipop was published by worldwide Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment before while Kadokawa Games took that same role Japan. The storyline for Chainsaw Lollipop was interesting especially since it took elements science-fiction and mixed it with something that has been a recurring issue especially in American society in relation to grade school which is bullying. In this game players control the main protagonist who is a cheerleader from San Romero High School and a cheerleader/zombie hunter named Juliet Starling as she fights of hordes of undead creatures during a zombie apocalypse on her 18th birthday.

The plot is both bizarre and intriguing as players discover that one of the key antagonists of the game is a gothic outcast by the name of Swan. It turns out that Swan is the one behind the zombie apocalypse and its mainly due to how he has been mistreated and bullied by almost everyone at San Romero High School. Ironically, Juliet was not among any of the students who mistreated Swan and while he began to develop romantic feelings towards her she eventually found another love interest. While Juliet falls for a jock at San Romero High School School it drives Swan insane especially considering the fact that jocks were the biggest bullies of them all. These events lead Swan to use his expert knowledge of Necromancy perform a ritual to summon the “Zombie of Zombies” and the final boss in Chainsaw Lollipop known as Killabilly from the Rotten World. Throughout the game players had to destroy various enemies and bosses using Juliet Starling’s athletic abilities and along with her custom chainsaw.

Players encounter bosses with the likes of Zed, Mariska, Vikkie, Lewis Legend, Josey with Killabilly arguably being the toughest one of them all. The visuals for Lollipop Chainsaw looked very impressive mainly since the game utilized the Unreal Engine 3 for the PlayStation 3 & Xbox 360. The gameplay for Chainsaw Lollipop was pretty solid and there was a fair amount of creativity that went into its development. Players were allowed to earn gold & platinum medals by engaging in activities such rescuing classmates and destroying enemies. The medals collected could be used to unlock new moves and attires for Juliet Starling in addition to obtain artwork and music in relation to the game itself. The health bar meter players are given can be replenished by collecting lollipops throughout the game. Also, Nick who Juliet saves from becoming a zombie by cutting of his head and using a magic ritual on him to maintain his life had health bar as well.

The plot for Chainsaw Lollipop took a interesting twist when Juliet learned that the zombie overlords that she battled were all allowed to perish so Killabilly could make his return to earth. Along with the comic-book like art style and the gameplay mechanics included in Chainsaw Lollipop the storytelling aspect of the game was surprisingly interesting. While the Chainsaw Lollipop mainly received a mixed reception from critics it was still a pretty fun action based hack n slash title. While the presentation of Chainsaw Lollipop can easily draw the attention of casual gamers who are huge fans of the hack n slash genre some would argue that minor improvements to the gameplay could have made. However, since Lollipop Chainsaw came out during a time period where 3D action hack n slash games were popular and never officially developed into a series it’s considered to be a memorable gem for the PS3 & Xbox 360 from the early 10’s.

Retro Gaming 10’s- No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle: (2010)

When it comes down to interesting third party Wii games from the 10’s decade one of the few titles that instantly stands out in many people’s mind is No More Heroes 2: Despite Struggle from 2010. For those who do not know the series started back in 2007 with No More Heroes 2 being the second installment. No More Heroes 2 was an action-adventure hack and slash developed by Grasshopper Manufacture with multiple publishers such as Ubisoft, Rising Star Games and Marvelous Entertainment depending on the country the game was released in. As a action-adventure hack and slash game No More Heroes 2 was not really on the same level as Bayonetta was in relation to popularity back in 2009. However, for a third party exclusive Wii game No More Heroes 2 was definitely a memorable attraction in 2010. The cinematic quality for the cutscenes in relation to the storytelling aspect of the game was impressive. One of the intriguing aspects about the story from No More Heroes 2 is that it follows the events of the previous title while making some vital improvements in relation the gameplay. An example would be how the main protagonist Travis Touchdown eventually crosses paths with a vengeful assassin named Skelter-Helter who was the brother of the deceased Helter-Skelter from the original No More Heroes game from ’07.

As far as in-game mechanics was concerned the creators had decided change a few things such as removing the overworld map while eliminating entry fees in relation to ranked battles. As the inclusion of the Death Match Mode added more to the replay value of of No More Heroes 2 after players competed the entire game on any level. While No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle was a high profile action-adventure title for the Wii console during the early 10’s many would argue that the game could have possibly been more successful if it were saved for 2013-2014 as a Wii-U exclusive. The original Wii console had countless great action-adventure games between ’06-’12 from Zelda: Twilight Princess and Super Mario Galaxy to Metroid: Other M. As critically acclaimed as No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle was back in 2010 the game has yet to be remastered or re-released for the Nintendo Switch along with its predecessor. While the world is still waiting to see the release of No More Heroes 3: Travis Strikes Again in 2020 seeing remastered versions of the first two entries on the Switch would be something that fans of the series since the late 00’s would definitely be interesting in seeing sometime in the future.

Retro Gaming 90’s- Suikoden II: (1998)

As far as older RPG titles from the late 90’s are concerned there are various titles that instantly comes to mind to many people who were gamers during that time period. Final Fantasy VII & Final Fantasy VIII which were released between ’97-’99 by Square Enix were classics that arguably overshadowed just every other RPG that appeared on the original PlayStation console back then. While the two Final Fantasy titles that we got to see in the late 90’s were best-sellers for the PS1 game system there were also some memorable gems that were overshadowed on that console as well. There were titles such as Chrono Cross, Xenogears, Star Ocean: The Second Story, Grandia and others that were all concerned to be memorable classics that were critically acclaimed. In addition, to those games Suikoden II was also considered to be top tier RPG from the late 90’s despite its sales. As far as quality was concerned Suikoden II had optimal quality in relation to 2D graphics which ironically may have affected the game’s overall sales following its initial Japanese release in December 1998. When it came down to PS1 games in relation to the mid to late 90’s more people were interested in 3D graphics while 2D gaming was seen as obsolete between ’97-’99.

However, Suikoden II was still a worth successor to its ’95 predecessor which was also developed and published by Konami and released during during that later part of that year. Not only does the plot for Suikoden II follow the events from the first game but also places emphasis on the continuous war between two nations known as Jowston and the Kingdom Of Highland despite the mutual peace agreement between both sides. The main antagonist Prince Luca who obsessed with destroying Jowston orchestrates a massacre on the city-state before him and his force return home with the main protagonist known as Riou and his ally Jowy escaping in the process. After being condemned by Highland for their treachery they both find themselves with two halves of the Rune Of The Beginning which bounds by Riou and Jowy together.

As players progress throughout the game as Riou they eventually are betrayed by Jowey who becomes a top official within the Kingdom Of Highland. While many players may have been upset with Jowy’s betray it made the story somewhat more interesting than the one from the original Suikoden game. In fact, many people agree that Suikoden II is quite possibly the best installment within the series despite the fact that it was released during a time where the popularity 2D RPG’s had briefly declined. If the Suikoden series had started sometime between ’90-’91 opposed to 1995 and it appeared on the Super NES it could have easily been way more popular than it was by the time released in America. Suikoden II was without a doubt one of the best JRPG games that Konami had produced during the 90’s. Sometimes its hard to believe that Suikoden II is over 20 years old; while are expecting a new installment within the series retro gamers would probably prefer seeing this RPG classic ported to current generation game console.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Confirmed For PC Release!!!!

There will many people who are fans of the Red Dead Redemption series who will be happy to know that the latest installment which was released this past year in October 2018 will be coming to PC this upcoming month. It was recently confirmed by RockStar that Red Dead Redemption 2 will be appearing In Mice Windows on November 5th and is something that has been making headlines as of late. For those who are unaware Red Dead Redemption 2 was the highly anticipated sequel of the original game that was released back in 2010 for various consoles such as the PS3 and the Xbox 360. Ever since, October 2018 Red Dead Redemption 2 has managed to reach at least 25 million copies in worldwide sales and was considered to be one of the best action-adventure games of that year. Not only did Red Dead Redemption 2 perform well in sales it managed to surpass its 2010 predecessor while still remaining a huge attraction throughout 2019. The online multiplayer game mode was a new addition which contributed to the overall appeal of Red Redemption 2 along with the campaign mode.

As far as the online multiplayer mode is concerned its unclear if cross-platform gameplay will eventually become a reality between PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows users because currently stands that feature does not exist. Either way, Red Dead Redemption 2 should still be a huge attraction for Microsoft Windows and it will give PC users who never had a chance to enjoy the critically acclaimed action-adventure title following its upcoming release on November 5th. It will be interesting to see whether or not not sales for Red Dead Redemption 2 increases dramatically between now and the first half of 2020. It will also be interstate to see what the price for the PC version of Red Dead Redemption 2 will be especially since the PS4 and Xbox One ports of the game will be going on sale for the price of $39.99 on Best Buy and Amazon.

Video Game Developer Alpha Dream files for Bankruptcy!!!!

The recent news concerning famous RPG developer Alpha Dream filing for bankruptcy was probably one that nobody expected to hear this year. For those who do not know Alpha Dream has been around since 2000 and has worked on various Mario & Luigi RPG titles since 2003. Alpha Dream had developed games such as Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga (2003), Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story (2009), Mario & Luigi: Dream Team (2013) and Mario & Luigi Paper Jam from 2015. Basically all of the Mario RPG titles outside of the Paper Mario series that appeared on handheld consoles such as Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS and the Nintendo 3DS was developed by Alpha Dream and they were all pretty enjoyable titles following their respective releases. It recently been revealed that Japanese Vice game developer Alpha Dream was in crippling debt which amounted to 400 million yen. It turns out that 400 million yen is equivalent to $3.7 million in America and its seems like the company’s expenses has been very costly over the past couple of years.

As far as Mario related RPG’s are concerned the games developed Alpha Dreams were pretty cool despite not being quite as popular as the Paper Mario series which started on the Nintendo 64 back in 2000. As far as RPG developers are concerned Nintendo can always find another company to work on Mario related within that genre. In fact, since Nintendo and Square Enix are apparently on good terms again it would be awesome if both companies collaborated again to make another Mario RPG title in the future. As far as Alpha Dream is concerned it’s sad to see the company go but the past games that they worked not during the 00’s and 10’s decade were enjoyable and will not be forgotten.

Fallout Legacy Collection Coming Soon To Amazon Germany!!!!

One of the latest topics going around right now in relation to gaming news involves the Fallout series. For those who do not know the Fallout series has been around since ’97 and the first couple of games that has been released since then appeared mainly for computer systems such as Microsoft Windows and Mac way before they started appearing on actual consoles. One of the first major installments within the series to appear on game consoles was Fallout 3 which came out back in 2008 for game systems such as the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360. After the release of Fallout 3 the series had increased in popularity throughout late 00’s and the 10’s decade while increasing its fan base and selling million worldwide. Those who have been die hard Fallout fans since the late 90’s or the 2000’s you will be happy to know that the series will be receiving its own legacy collection which is expected to appear on Amazon Germany on October 25th. The Legacy Collection will feature six games from the series including Fallout, Fallout 2, Fallout Tactics, Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas: Ultimate Edition and Fallout 4. It should be noted that buyers will be receiving “Game Of The Year” Edition of Fallout 3 & 4 in the Legacy Collection.

Should also be noted that the latest installment in the series Fallout 76 from late-2018 will not be apart of the Legacy Collection. It only makes sense that Bethesda excludes Fallout 76 from the collection especially since its very recent along with the fact that online gameplay is heavily associated with this particular installment as well. Also, despite the anticipation and excitement regarding the online multiplayer gameplay of Fallout 76 prior to its release it ended up becoming one of the more weaker entries within the series. Fallout 76 also had lackluster sales reaching approximately 1.4 by the end of 2018 following its release in November of that year. While Fallout 76 will not being included within the legacy collection its not really a big deal especially since some of the best games within the action role-playing series came between the late 90’s and the mid 10’s. The question that is on everyone’s mind is whether or not the Fallout Legacy Collection will eventually be released in western countries such as America. Seeing how popular the Fallout series has been in the US since the late 00’s it might be a matter of time before the Fallout Legacy Collection eventually becomes available within the country.