Retro Games- Super Castlevania IV: (1991)


When it comes down to the gaming of the 80’s and the 90’s who can possibly forget about the Castlevania series.  There have have been many memorable Castlevania titles that have been released on various consoles including the NES, SNES, Sega Genesis and even the original PlayStation game system.  While many people have their own opinions on which one out of all of them was the best Super Castlevania IV was definitely a popular choice for the SNES back in the 90’s.  When Super Castlevania IV was released in the early 90’s for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System the game had looked impressive from a visual standpoint.  In terms of graphics Super Castlevania IV was arguably one of the best games within its series during the 16-bit era.  In this game people got to play as Simon Belmont who was responsible for stopping Dracula following his resurrection.

While the plot may have appeared to be generic the gameplay for Super Castlevania IV looked impressive along with various other aspects of the game including its level design.  While the graphics for each stage were nice and detailed others were simply mind blowing mainly due to the inclusion of Mode 7 which was popular in certain SNES titles such as F-Zero, Chrono Trigger and Star Fox. Along with the inclusion of mode 7 some would argue that Super Castlevania IV had a decent soundtrack.  While the soundtracks in Super Castlevania IV were decent its quite debatable on which game had the best between this one  Dracula X,  and Symphony of the Night.  When it comes down to 2D plaftorm games of the 16 bit era Super Castlevania IV was probably one of the most innovative titles that one will ever play.  Konami has developed many great classics back in the 90’s and when it comes down to 16 bit titles Super Castlevania IV was certainly one of the most memorable games they had developed for the SNES.

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