Retro Gaming- Gran Tursimo 6: (2013)

When Gran Turismo 5 was released in late 2010 many people were highly impressed by the gameplay and improvments made in comparison to its prequel Gran Turismo 4.  Gran Tursimo 5 was so great that some people probably held on to it while waiting in anticipation for Gran Tursimo 6 to be released.   Prior to its release many great things were expected in Gran Turismo 6 included more advanced gameplay and new features. When Polyphony Digital developed Gran Tursimo 6 not only did they improve the gameplay but they kept elements of the series that kept the interest of many people who were fans of previous titles. An example would be the intro of  Gran Tursimo 6 performed by  Daiki Kasho entitled “All My Life”.   The first forty seconds of the intro not only provides hype for the game itself but it shows people that they are in for something special.  While the intro for Gran Tursimo 6 was awesome some people place the intro in the same category as GT2 and GT4 in terms of greatness involving musical composition.  The intro music for Gran Turismo 6 was so epic that some people would probably debate that it was just as good as “Moon Over The Castle” composed by Mashiro Andoh in Gran Turismo 2.

Speaking of musical composition the main menu theme composed by Yuki Ouke was another great piece that some people liked.  The menu theme provided a smooth/chill 90’s like atmospheric vibe which probably brought some people back to the Japanese soundtracks of GT1 & GT2.  In Gran Turismo 6 a series of challenges were included where players were allowed to complete in different races to unlock a variety of cars throughout the game. Similar to the prequel in Gran Turismo 5 players compete in a series of license tests and events such as National A, National B, International A, International B and Super to gain access to various cars from the 70’s to the 00’s.  While progressing throughout the game players can unlock various cars  including the Toyota CELICA , Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, Mercedes-Benz, Mazada, BMW, Honda, and Chevrolet series.  This title had also included “X” series Red Bull cars which made people want to buy this game other than all of the obvious reasons.

Following its release this game was well received by many critics and fans alike for many reasons including the amount of improvements made from the previous game.  Shortly after its initial release IGN, GameTrailers, GamersPack, and Gaming Illustrated named it “Racing Game of the Year” along with many other publications.  Also, GamerRadar rated this game 4.5 out of 5 stars coming within an inch of earning a perfect score.  While Gran Tursimo 6 exceeded the expectations of many people in 2013 there is still plenty of anticipation for the release of the sequel entitled “Gran Turismo Sport” in November 2016.




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