Ganon- Greatest villain Nintendo has ever created?

Nintendo has been making high profile video games for over three decades and they have given us some of the most legendary video game franchises ever since the 80’s. Since the 80’s we have seen the birth of iconic video game characters like Mario, Link, Samus, Donkey Kong and more. But for ever popular video game series each main protagonist have a central protagonist that feuds with the main heroes. We have also seen the birth of iconic video game villains such as Bowser, Mother Brain, Dark Link, Skull Kid and more. While Bowser from the Mario Bros series is arguably the most popular video game the Nintendo has ever created some would agree that Ganon is probably the best. Ganon has been the main villain in majority of the Legend of Zelda games dating back to the mid 80’s and despite how many times he is defeated the fearsome monster always seem to come back to life. While Link & Zelda have multiple reincarnated versions of themselves in various games and timelines throughout the series there is only one Ganon who returns in different forms. It should also be noted that while Bowser is a more popular Ganon has committed more heinous acts than Boswer who generally just kidnaps Princess Peach. Ganon has done things such as killing his followers, possessing Princess Zelda and killing Link in a alternate timeline within the Ocarina of Time game known as “Downfall”. Ganon seems like the most realistic villain that Nintendo has ever created and the storytelling aspect of the Zelda series is one of the reasons why. While the Super Mario Bros is not heavily story driven the Legend of Zelda series is which makes Ganon more than just a final boss in a video game. Final bosses in video games are generally forgettable unless the story is great and have a high replay value. Ganondoff just so happens to be the main villain in one of the greatest video game storylines of all-time which started back in the 80’s and still continues to this day.

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