Will the Final Fantasy 7 remake sell more than Final Fantasy 15?

As many of us know Final Fantasy 15 is currently one of the most popular RPG titles available in stores right now.  Even though, it has done great in sales many people are questioning whether or not the Final Fantasy 7 remake will surpass Final Fantasy 15 in sales or not.  Since its release back in November 2016, Final Fantasy 14 has managed so sell over 4.7 million units worldwide for the PlayStation 4.

The original version Final Fantasy VII has managed to sell over 9.7 million units worldwide since its release for the PS1 back in 1997.  Seeing how successful the original FFVII game was back in the late 90’s a better question would probably be whether or not the remake can sell more then the original.  Since the remake of Final Fantasy VII is expected to be in stores sometime next year this will most likely be the most anticipated remakes of any Final Fantasy game in recent memory.

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