Tekken: Motion Picture- Underrated or Disappointing?

Everyone knows how legendary the Tekken series is considered to be legendary within the gaming world especially considering how the series has been around since 1994. There was no question whatsoever that the Tekken series has white hot in relation to popularity back in the 90’s in arcade centers worldwide. The first three Tekken games were also major attractions for the original PlayStation console between ’94-’99. The popularity of the Tekken video game series eventually lead to it receiving its own film in ’98 which was produced by the ASCII Corporation and Sony Music Entertainment Japan. The Tekken: Motion Picture film from ’98 was roughly an hour long and its one that does not get talked about as much as other video game related movies. The very first Tekken movie loosely focused on the events of the first and second installments of the Tekken series and saw Kazuya Mishima as the main character and Heihachi Mishima as the primary antagonist. By late 90’s standard the Tekken: Motion Picture did seem quite as bad critics made it out to be. However, the Tekken: Motion Picture from ’98 was not necessarily an anime masterpiece either. The ’98 Tekken movie felt underwhelming mainly because it was lacking in many areas which dragged down the overall quality of the film itself. The animation looked outdated and the dialogue between characters was boring. Also, the Tekken: Motion Picture did not have nearly as much action as the Tekken: Bloodline animated series from 2022. The actual Tekken arcade games was better than the motion picture from ’98 and to say that the film was underrated would be ludicrous since its hardly ever talked about in this day and age.

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