Tekken 4- The Black sheep of the Tekken series?

Everyone knows how legendary the Tekken franchise is seeing that it has been around since ’94. In 2024, the Tekken series will be celebrating its 30th anniversary in December 2024. There have been seven major installments within the Tekken series since ’94 and 3rd, 5th and 7th main installments of the games were arguably the best entries within the entire series. Despite, the amount of success the Tekken series had within the past 28 years not every single game within the Tekken series had the levels of commercial success as Tekken 3 & 7. Tekken 4 from ’01 is considered to be one of the most underrated fighting titles from the PS2 era of gaming. Tekken 4 was one of the lowest selling Tekken games ever released reaching roughly around 2 million copies in worldwide sales. But to be fair Tekken 4 had serious competition on the PS2 with games like Final Fantasy X, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Metal Gear Solid 3 and many other action-adventure and RPG’s that appeared on Sony’s second generation console. Also, around the early 00’s we began to see the decline of the arcade fighting genre as more people especially in America began to gravitate to action-adventure and shooter games especially since Microsoft released the original Xbox console back in 2001. There were first person shooters like Halo for Xbox that began to appeal more to casuals along with hardcore gamers and the arcade fighting genre had started to decline in popularity as the 00’s decade progressed. While Tekken 4 itself not necessarily a bad game it was not the among the top three best entries within the series either. Tekken 4 was a fun fighting title but it felt bland in comparison to Tekken 3 and the roster was not as strong in comparison with the absence of characters like Forest Law, Eddy Gordo, Anna Williams and Mokujin. Also, the soundtrack for Tekken 4 was not great in comparison to Tekken 2 & 3 a key element which made both those games stand out back in the 90’s.

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  1. Tekken 4 didn’t have nearly as many fighters as Tekken Tag Tournament, and I think the walls addition made the game difficult for new players to worry about. The game had a more realistic feel compared to the wackiness of Tekken 5 but I kind of liked it. It’s the last Tekken game that doesn’t feel like Dragonballz in terms of the Mishima’s. It does seem to be getting a bit of appreciation in recent years though.

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