Should Viewtiful Joe be ported for Nintendo Switch?

Whey it comes down to platform beat em up games from the 00’s Viewtiful Joe was probably one of the best games that the world has seen during that decades. Since its release many people are probably shocked that the game had never been port to any current generation consoles considering how popular they were on the PS2 along with the Nintendo GameCube. Since its release during the early 00’s Viewtiful Joe has received many great reviews and managed to shine during a time where the beat em up genre of gaming had declined in popularity.

The comic book/movie styled visuals of Viewtiful Joe were both creative and appealing mainly due to the 3D cel-shaded graphics that Capcom utilized for this game. While some might argue that the Viewtiful Joe series is dead there are others who would love to see a remastered version of the game on the Nintendo Switch.


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