Does Infamous deserve a 4K remake for PS5?

Its been around thirteen years since the very first Infamous game came out on the PlayStation 3 back in 2009 and since then it has been viewed as one of the most underrated titles that Sony had produced during the late 2000’s. Infamous was an interesting game with a plot that revolved the main character Cole MacGrath who gained electrical powers following an explosion that took place within Empire City. Along with having cinematic cutscenes that resembled that of a comic book the narration about the events that took place in the game was a strong positive as it related to the Infamous game. While the Infamous game from ’09 managed to reach roughly around 2 million units in sales following its release Cole MacGrath was not necessarily a charismatic or memorable video game character. However, the Infamous game was a pretty cool action-adventure title for the PS3 that people would love to see remade for a current generation game system like the PlayStation 5. It never really crossed the minds of anyone from Sony Computer Entertainment or Sucker Punch Studios to make a Infamous 3 game especially considering how popular Ghost of Tsushima has been since 2020. Despite, being one of the top video games during the PS3 era Infamous was still not as popular as other one hit wonder titles from its generation like Heavy Rain which came out back in 2010. While the parkour-like gameplay of Infamous really stood out it was not nearly as addictive as a game within the first or third-person shooter genre back in the day. While Sony has no problems remaking video games from older generations they seem more invested into producing high profile titles like God of War or Marvel’s Spider-Man which would bring in a ton revenue for them overall.

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