Could Street Fighter X Tekken have been successful in arcade centers?

As many people know Street Fighter X Tekken was a crossover video game which was released years for the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360 back in 2012. The cool thing about Street Fighter X Tekken was the fact that it was a crop title that was years in the making prior to its release that nobody thought would ever happen. Since its release Tekken X Street Fighter was considered to be a success after it managed to reach over 1.7 million units worldwide in sales. As popular as Street Fighter X Tekken was back in the early 10’s some question whether or not it could have been a big in arcade centers.

Back in the late 90’s-early 00’s a crossover game involving the Tekken and Street Fighter series could have been huge. But by the time we got into the late 00’s-early 10’s online multiplayer gameplay became a big deal and for the most part you did not see games like Tekken X Street Fighter or Marvel vs Capcom 3 in arcade centers. If Tekken X Street Fighter was released in arcade centers back in the early 10’s it may not have been much of a big deal or an attraction at all.

Should Street Fighter X Tekken be ported for the PS4?

When it comes down to crossover fighting titles of the early 10’s aside from Marvel vs Capcom 3 one of the many titles that comes to mind is Street Fighter X Tekken which was released for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 back in March 2012. Since its release Street Fighter X Tekken managed to sell at least 1.7 million units worldwide and was seen as one of the best fighting titles of 2012 along the likes of Soul Calbur V. The fact that Street Fighter X Tekken was never ported to the PlayStation 4 was something that was always a mystery to many people. A crossover game between Street Fighter & Tekken is something the gaming world had wanted to see since the 90’s and was a huge attraction once it happened about six years ago.

While the roster for Street Fighter X Tekken was quite impressive along with the tag team gameplay included in this game Capcom received some backlash for players having to pay for characters that were already on the disc after purchasing it. If Capcom were to re-release Street Fighter X Tekken for the PlayStation 4 with every single character available without purchase than its something that would definitely be worth checking out especially since that is what the company should have done in the first place.

Could Marvel vs Capcom 3 have been popular in arcade centers?

As many people know Marvel vs Capcom 3 was one of the most popular crossover fighting games of the 10’s. Ever since its release Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds has remained exclusively on the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360. Unlike, its predecessors Marvel vs Capcom 3 never received an arcade release and was still a huge success in countries such as America and Japan due to the fact that the game was at least a decade in the making. If Marvel vs Capcom 3 was released in arcade centers back in the early 10’s the game could have definitely been somewhat of an attraction.

But ever since online multiplayer gameplay became popular back in the mid to late 00’s it almost seemed like there was no point whatsoever on having an arcade version Marvel vs Capcom 3. The arcade era of gaming ended a long time ago somewhere between the late 90’s and the early 00’s. As popular as Marvel vs Capcom 3 was in the early 10’s an arcade version of the game would not have been as exciting as the online multiplayer experience that people had for the PlayStation 3 or the Xbox 360.

Could Dark Souls have been successful on the Nintendo Wii in 2011?

As many people know Dark Souls is one of the most popular Action-RPG titles of the 10’s decade. Since release back in 2011 Dark Souls has been praised by many critics for its visuals, gameplay and level design while being a challenging and seemingly unforgiving RPG which added to its overall replay value. Since its initial release for the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 in ’11 the game has been ported to various game consoles such as the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and even the Nintendo Switch this year. For whatever reason the original Dark Souls was never ported for the Nintendo Wii back in the early 10’s which made people question how well it could have done in both theory and practice.

Its quite possible that a Wii version of Dark Souls would have been inferior in terms of quality compared to what we saw on the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 which is why Namco Bandi Games never made a reality. Also, first party games that were more family oriented and appealed to kids such as Zelda: Twilight Princess, Super Mario 3D World, Kirby’s Return to Wonderland and others could have definitely overshadowed Dark Souls on the Nintendo Wii during the early 10’s. While a Wii version of Dark Souls could have sold at least 250,000 units worldwide in the early 10’s is doubtful that it would reached the one million mark or have surpassed any other version of the game in sales.

Was the Nintendo Wii a better game console than the PS3?

As many people already know the PlayStation 3 along with the Nintendo Wii are two of the most popular game systems of the 2000’s. The Nintendo Wii was very innovative since it allowed players to utilize a remote and nunchucks for gameplay along with being backwards compatible with last generation titles that appeared on the Nintendo GameCube. Since its release back in November 2006 the Nintendo Wii had managed to sell over 101 million units worldwide which is impressive because it managed to sell more than the PS3 which reached approximately 83 million in sales since its release that same year.

While PlayStation 3 may of had better graphics than the Wii not all models of the PS3 were backwards compatible which may have hurt the console in sales during the 00’s and early 10’s. As far as graphics are concerned there is no doubt that the PS3 had the edge over the Nintendo Wii. Also, third party games shined more on the PlayStation 3 opposed to the Nintendo Wii where titles such as Zelda: Twilight Princess, Mario Kart Wii stood out more and were top sellers on that game console. In terms of which game console was better overall varies to different people and it really depends on what features one looks for in game systems.

Could the PS3 have sold more than the PS2 if all models were fully backwards compatible?

As many people know the PlayStation 3 was one of the most popular game consoles of the 2000’s decade. Since its initial release back in late ’06 the PS3 managed to reach over 83 million units worldwide in sales. Despite, not selling as much as the PlayStation 2 which did approximately 155 million units worldwide there are some who argue that the PS3 could have been more successful if every mode of the console was backwards compatible with PS2 games in general. There were models such as the PS3 20GB and the PS3 60 GB which had a list of games that were backwards compatible with PS2 opposed to the PS3 Slim.

For whatever reason Sony decided not to make the PS3 80GB backwards compatible. But seeing how cool games we got on the PS3 and how superior its visual was in comparison to the PS2 it was something that was not a major determinant to the overall success of the game system overall. Ever since the PS4 console was released back in late 2013 backwards compatibility was never used again and its something that has arguably contributed to its overall success. If anything making the all models of the PS3 backwards compatible could potentially worked against Sony similar to how Nintendo made the Wii-U following the original Wii console.

Elder Scrolls Skyrim (2011) vs Persona 5 (2016) which RPG is more popular?

There have been so many cool RPG’s that we got to see during the 10’s decade for multiple game consoles such as the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PS4 along with the Xbox One. But when it down to role playing games that can easily be considered among the best for this decade both Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Persona 5 would be named that instantly comes to mind. Since its initial release back in November 2011 Elder Scrolls V has managed to sell over 13 copies worldwide and is considered to be one of the best selling Action-RPG’s of the 10’s decade. Bethesda’s use of the Creation Engine along with impressive open world environments and a robust character development system made Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim a game worth having.

Persona 5 was developed by P-Studios and released for the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation 3 and has managed to sell at least 2 million copies worldwide since its initial release back in September 2016. Persona 5 was a title that was highly anticipated prior to its release since the gaming world has been waiting for it since 2008 when Atlas released Persona 4. It should also be noted that Persona 5 was praised for its gameplay along with the alternating lifestyles that the main character had in this social simulation RPG. Also, Persona 5 was seen as arguably the best RPG title of 2017 the same year that it was released worldwide and was a game of the year candidate in the eyes of various publications. Choosing one game over the other is difficult especially since Skyrim and Persona 5 are two different types of RPG’s. However, on a mainstream level it might be safe to say that Skyrim was a slightly more popular RPG than Persona 5 overall.