SNES Switch Controllers now available in electronic retailers!!!!

As far as big news in relation to gaming is concerned the news has recently broke about the release of SNES styled controllers for the Nintendo Switch. Seeing that the Super Nintendo Entertainment System is still very popular among many retro gamers there a lot of people who are thrilled about its release. However, it should be noted that the SNES controllers for the Switch console are best for those who are monthly payers of the online subscription service. Those who are paying $4 each month for the Nintendo Switch Online service will benefit the most from using the SNES-style controllers since they have access to older 16-bit titles through it. It has been said that the SNES controllers are pretty much useless for modern day Switch games since joy-cons provided with the console were made specifically contemporary titles.

As far as the pricing is concerned the Super Nintendo control pad is set at $29.99 which reasonably fair since it still costs less than the Joy-Cons for the Switch console. The Joy-Con bundle for the Switch come was initially priced at $79.99. Also, for a left or right Joy-Con customers are expected to pay $49.99. It only makes sense for the SNES controllers to be priced less than the standard controllers used for the Switch console considering the fact that the SNES is almost 30 years old now. The SNES themed Switch control pad is now available in electronic retail stores and the price itself is almost too good to turn down if you are a Switch owner.

Upcoming Switch Games- Moon: Remix RPG Adventure: (2019)

As far as classic RPG’s from the 90’s are concerned there are many titles that instantly comes Mind such as Chrono Trigger, Secret Of Mana, Earthbound, Final Fantasy VI-VIII and others that were very popular. Most of those RPG’s were titles that the whole world got to see back in the 90’s especially since they all appeared in other opposed to being Japanese exclusives. When it comes down to JRPG exclusive market one of the many titles that never appeared outside of Japan was a game developed by Love-de-Lic and published by ASCII Entertainment known as Moon: Remix RPG Adventure from 1997. Since its release approximately 22 years ago the game has been considered to be a classic by many fans and critics for various qualities such as its soundtrack in which 30 different composers had worked on prior to its PS1 release in October ’97. The graphics and visuals for Moon: Remix RPG Adventure was pretty cool especially since it utilized 16-bit sprites with 3D backgrounds similar to that of Square Enix’s Xenogears game from 1998. In fact, a couple developers who had previously worked with Square Enix in the 90’s prior to their respective departures from the company involved in the development of Moon: Remix RPG Advance.

Video Game developers such as Akira Ueda, Kenichi Nishi and Tarō Kudou had roles in the development of popular RPG’s created by Square Enix such as Super Mario RPG which was arguably one of the best games within its genre to have appeared on the Super NES during the mid 90’s. While Moon: Remix RPG Adventure was not nearly as big as other RPG’s that appeared on the PS1 such as Final Fantasy VII which was also released in ’97 it was a game that could have arguably shine a bit more outside of Japan if it came out between ’98-’99. Lucky, Moon: Remix RPG Adventure will be headed to western countries such as America sometime between now and January 2020. An official release date for Moon: Remix RPG Adventure has yet to be confirmed and hopefully it will be not be delayed until 2020. Based on what we know Moon: Remix RPG Adventure will have a different publisher known as Onion Games opposed to the original one ASCII Entertainment. It will be interesting to see how well this JRPG classic will be received in western countries approximately 22 years following its initial release in Japan.

Retro Gaming 10’s- New Super Mario Bros U: (2012)

When it comes down to the Nintendo Wii-U there is no secret that the console itself was considered to be a flop in comparison to rival consoles such as the PlayStation, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One. A lot of people blame the Wii-U’s lack of success on the prices for the console itself along with its accessories but that is debatable. Despite, not being as successful as preceding consoles such as the Wii, GameCube, SNES or the NES one of the few games that was a huge attraction on the Wii-U during the early 10’s was New Super Mario Bros U which was initially released in November 2012. The cool thing about New Super Mario Bros U is the fact that it’s very similar to older installments of the series where players have to reach the flag at the end of each stage while traveling through various worlds. However, New Super Mario Bros U included 3D graphics opposed to 2D and allowed up to five players simultaneously which was one of the defining features of the game itself. Players were also given the option of using the Wii Remote or the Game Pad in terms of how they wanted to play New Super Mario Bros U which was another intriguing feature. The inclusion of a new villain named Nabbit who is known to be a power up thief was something that was also interesting especially since Nintendo usually recycled the same foes that have been popular in the series during the 80’s and 90’s and it was nice to see something new. Aside from the damsel in distress formula that we normally get in Mario games the co-op 2D multiplayer mode was something that really stood out in New Super Mario Bros U shout have been done a lot sooner than it was.

As far as sales are concerned New Super Mario Bros U managed to reach over 5.7 million copies worldwide. In fact New Super Mario Bros U ended up becoming third best selling game for the Wii-U behind Mario Kart 8 and Super Mario 3D World. New Super Mario Bros U was so popular that it was eventually ported and released for the Nintendo Switch in January 2019. There were various aspects about New Super Mario Bros U that fans and critics had praised from its level design and multiplayer gameplay all the way down to the storyline and has become one of the more memorable installments of the Mario series in relation to the 10’s decade.

Retro Gaming 00’s- Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door: (2004)

As far as memorable titles for the Nintendo GameCube are concerned one of the many titles that instantly comes to mind is Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door which was released back in 2004. As an RPG title Thousand Year Door was much better than its N64 predecessor Paper Mario which came out back in 2000. Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door had a very interesting plot along with the introduction of a new main villain known as Sir Grodus who was considered to be the leader of the Society Of X-Nauts. The Thousand Year Door also see players so battle with another new villain known as the Shadow Queen who eventually possesses Princess Peach while searching for the Crystal Stars throughout the game as as Mario. The main setting for this title takes place in a fictional city known as Rougeport where players are expected to interact with non-playable characters such as Professor Frankly and Goombella in order to progress throughout the game. As far as the storyline for The Thousand Year Door is concerned there was some interesting plot twists in the game such as the Shadow Queen’s treachery towards Sir Grodus which is something many people probably did not expect.

As far as popularity is concerned The Thousand Year Door was arguably the most memorable title within the entire Paper Mario series. Since its release Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door had reached over 2.2 million copies in sales. In fact: Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door was the ninth best selling title on the Nintendo GameCube and was arguably the best RPG Mario title that we got to see during the 00’s decade. The Thousand Year Door sold more than its 2000 predecessor and its a game that many people would love to see ported for the Nintendo Switch especially since we do not have a major Mario RPG title on the hybrid console right now. While Super Paper Mario from 2007 had a similar level of success in relation to sales on the Wii console The Thousand Year Door is a title that seems to stand out more to those who are huge fans of the Mario RPG series in general.

Tetris 99 receiving new offline multiplayer mode later in 2019!!!

As many people know Tetris 99 is one of the hottest puzzle/battle royale titles for the Nintendo Switch right now. Ever since its release back in February 13th Tetris 99 has been praised by many critics for its innovative online multiplayer gameplay. In fact, Tetris 99 is arguably more popular than Tetris Effect which was released for the PlayStation 4/PSVR back in November 2018. As far as updates are concerned in relation to to Tetris 99 it has recently been revealed that Nintendo is looking to develop a new game mode that allows offline multiplayer gameplay with friends. It has been said that this new local multiplayer game mode will be included within the 2nd DLC pack for Tetris 99 which expected to able available later in 2019.

There has been no official release date that has been revealed by Nintendo on when this new multiplayer game mode will appear. However, there is no doubt that having a new offline game mode for Tetris 99 will do nothing more than add to the replay value of this tile-matching puzzle title for the Nintendo Switch. As far as puzzle games of 2019 are concerned Tetris 99 has the potential to be the “Game Of The Year” within its genre.

Will the Polymega surpass the SNES Classic in sales?

There were so many exciting announcements at E3 2019 in relation to upcoming video games that are set to be released now and 2020 its almost overwhelming. The news regarding future release of the Polymega console is something that everyone is talking about right now. The Polymega is a console can run older generation games from the 80’s and 90’s such as the NES, Super NES, Sega Genesis, TurboGrafx-16, Sega Saturn and more. While the appeal of owning an all in one retro based game console is high the price for the Polymega is reasonable considering the fact that the pre-orders for it is $299. As we wait for the upcoming release of the Polymega it should be noted that the Sega Mega Drive Mini along with the TurboGrafix-16 Mini are expected to be released later this year as well.

When the SNES was first released back in late September 2017 it had a price tag of $79.99. The Sega Mega Drive Mini which includes 40 classic titles from the early 90’s will also be priced at $79.99 following its release on September 19th later this year. While many are questioning whether or not the Sega Mega Drive Mini will surpass the SNES Classic in sales the Polymega is a console that has the potential to sell more than both respective game systems. Its tough to predict how much the Polymega game system will end up selling within its first year. As far as upcoming game consoles are concerned we have Project Scarlett and PlayStation 5 which are both likely to be released sometime in late 2020. Also, we have new gaming platforms such as Google Stadia and Apple Arcade which are expected to take off following their upcoming releases in Fall 2019 which can definitely affect the overall sales of the Polymega.

Will Project Scarlett have more success than Nintendo Switch in first year sales?

As far as blockbuster announcements are concerned in relation to E3 2019 Microsoft’s news regarding the development of another game console is something that many people within the gaming world are talking about. Based on what we already know Project Scarlett otherwise known as Xbox Two will be more powerful than the Xbox One/One X and will be able to run games at 8K resolution. While it has been revealed that Xbox Two will be available in electronic retailers in America surpassing the fourth quarter of 2020 there are still several questions about Microsoft’s upcoming game consoles that people have. While the price for Xbox Two is something that is still unknown some question whether or not it will be more successful than the Nintendo Switch following its initial release back in March 2017.

Since its release during Spring 2017 the Switch console reached over 4.8 million in worldwide in sales and was considered to be the most popular game console of 2018. As many people know in relation to the console wars the Xbox One has struggled to compete with Sony’s PlayStation 4 console throughout the 10’s decade and has managed to sell less than half of what the PS4 has sold. It was reported back in December 2018 that the PS4 reached over 91 million in sales while the sales figure for the Xbox One was unclear for quite sometime. Also, Sony has the PlayStation 5 coming out soon as it is being expected to be released sometime between 2020-2021. There is no doubt that competition is starting to increase within the gaming considered the fact that Google Stadia is expected to be the next big thing in relation streaming video games. As far as how Xbox Two will do in first year sales is something that is hard to predict especially considering the fact Halo: Infinite has been the only title confirmed for Microsoft’s next generation console. While backwards compatibility will contribute to the appeal of Project Scarlett its a feature that can also hinder the success of Microsoft’s upcoming console similar to what happened to the Xbox One.