Tekken 3 vs Street Fighter Alpha 3 which game was better?

There is no doubt that both Tekken 3 and Street Fighter Alpha 3 were to of the best fighting titles of the late 90’s. But in terms of which game is better is tough for some to decide. As a 2D fighting game Street Fighter Alpha 3 was arguably game in the Alpha trilogy in terms of gameplay. But it would be hard to argue that Street Fighter Alpha 3 was more popular than the 3D Tekken series during late 90’s.

Not only Tekken 3 receive more mainstream attention than Street Fighter Alpha 3 back then but it was also one of the highest rated fighting titles of the 90’s decade. Tekken 3 was super popular in arcade centers around the world while the home version of the game had countless modes such as Tekken Force which added to its overall replay value. Also, by the late 90’s many people were starting to get sick of 2D fighting games and started to embrace 3D graphics and visuals due to how popular the PS1 was.

Mario Party vs. Sonic Shuffle which game was better?

Back in the 90’s and early 00’s we did not get to many party type games so it was pretty cool that we got to witness the emergence of the original Mario Party game back to in late 1998-early 1999. Mario Party was so creative and idea of having mini co-op games with up to four players was also something that replicated in Sonic Shuffle for the Sega Dreamcast back in late 2000.

In terms of which game was better many people would agree that Mario Party was more of a success since the original game has spawned at least nine sequels with everyone currently waiting for the release of Mario Party. Even though, Sonic Shuffle was not as successful as the original Mario Party game seeing a direct sequel for that title on the PS2 or Xbox on the early 00’s would have definitely turned heads.

Mario Kart 64 vs Gran Turismo which racing game was better?


During the mid to late 90’s the world got to witness the release of two of the most popular racing video games ever.  When Mario Kart 64 was released for the Nintendo 64 in late 1996 and early 1997 it was one of the biggest titles of the racing genre. Since it’s release Mario Kart 64 has managed to sell 9.8 million units worldwide which is impressive. After all, some can make the argument that the graphics of Mario Kart 64 was superior in comparison to the original Gran Turismo title that Polyphony Digital released back in 1998.

Gran Turismo 1.jpg

However, the original Gran Turismo game was way more realistic than Mario Kart 64 and appealed more to adult gamers as opposed to kids. Not did players have the option to compete in Arcade and Simulation Mode But they also had the ability to earn driver licenses while makin money which Mario Kart 64 did not have. Also, in terms of sales the original Gran Turismo game reach over 10 million units worldwide in terms of sales and was one of the top games for the PS1. It’s very hard to choose between Mario Kart 64 and the original Gran Turismo game but both were classics that are remembered to this day by retro gamers who lived through the mid to late 90’s.

Super Mario Bros 3 vs Mega Man III which game was harder?

When it comes down to video games from the NES era of gaming there were consoles classics that many people enjoyed that were also very difficult. The Super Mario Bros series in general was tough to complete or many people but some argue that the tough game in the trilogy was either the second or third title. While it’s true that players got a chance to Warp Whistle’s to help them complete Super Mario Bros 3 the game itself felt more challenging than the first two titles at times.

However, when you look at a title like Mega Man 3 where there are no Warp Whistles or shortcuts players can take in order to complete the game than its almost a given that the game is going to be hard to complete. If one had to choose between Super Mario Bros 3 and Mega Man III in terms of which game is harder than without question many people would choose Mega Man 3. Each level of each stage of Mega Man 3 presented obstaclesthat could players could only overcome through trial and error. Also, in Mega Man III players often didn’t have enough lives to complete the whole game in one try. There is no doubt that Mega Man III was one of the hardest NES games of the early 90’s.

Did NES games have higher replay values than modern day titles?

When we look back at classic titles from the 8-bit era of gaming there are some people who can make the argument that videos games were more challenging back in the 80’s then they are today. There were so many titles like the Mega Man series, Super Mario Bros I-III, Contra, Ninja Gaiden and others that were addictive to play because they were simplistic games that were hard to beat.

In this day and age we have 3D RPG titles that we see on consoles such as the PS4 and the Xbox 360 that feel too much like real life simulation with the storylines being the main point of interest until the game is completed. Also, we have 3D shooter titles such as Bioshock, Halo and Portal where the story modes are generally easy to complete. It would seem like once players completed RPG’s or shooter titles that weren’t challenging those titles are instantly found in used game stores while NES and even SNES classics are harder to find in places like Game X Change.

Would Celeste have been successful back in the 80’s?

Ever since it’s recent release Celeste has been praised by critics for its fun yet very challenging gameplay. In fact Celeste has arteries feel to it and looks like a game that you would see for the NES which was released back in the 80’s. The 8 bit like graphics and the difficulty of Celeste makes some people wonder whether or not the game would have been popular in the 80’s or not.

On one hand if Celeste became a success in 2018 then the game would have definitely have been a hit on the NES. On the other hand 80’s pretty much had nothing but 8 bit video games up until the 16 bit Sega Mega Drive was first released back in 1988. For the early to mid 80’s Celeste could of ended up being an 8 bit game that could have easily been overshadowed by countless titles such as the Super Mario Bros series, The Legend of Zelda and Mega Man. There is no doubt that Celeste could have been huge in 80’s but this title stands out more in 2018 since 8-bit gaming is not mainstream anymore; which adds to the overall appeal of the game itself.

Batman Arkham Asylum vs Assassin’s Creed II which game was better?

When it comes down to action adventure games of the 00’s the world has the chance to witness many awesome titles that were released throughout a majority of decade. This is especially true in the late 00’s within the action adventure genre of gaming when we got to see games like Batman: Arkham Asylum and Assassin’s Creed which was released for multiple game consoles such the PlayStation 3 along with the Xbox 360.

In terms of which game was better as an action adventure title is a tough call. Both Batman: Arkham Asylum and Assassin’s Creed II are critically acclaimed action adventure games with interesting stories and amazing graphics. But in terms of sales it seems like Assassin’s Creed II had the edge since it managed to hit over 9 million units since its release in late 2009. But there are also those who might argue that the Unreal Engine used in Batman: Arkham Asylum was more superior than the Anvil game engine utilized in Assassin’s Creed II.