How Successful Has Nioh Been Since 2017?

As many people know Nioh was an action-role-playing title that was initially released for the PlayStation 4 & Microsoft Windows back in 2017. While there some people who complained about small things in regards to Nioh such as the storyline being somewhat confusing there were definitely more positive than negatives overall. The visuals, gameplay, difficulty and the setting of the game which emphasized ancient Japanese history were all qualities that made Nioh one of the best action role-playing games of the late 10’s. Sometimes its hard to believe that its been approximately three years since Nioh first appeared on the PS4 back in February 2017. In fact, we are getting very close to the official release of Nioh 2 which will be a PS4 exclusive staring on March 3rd, 2020. As far as sales are concerned for the original Nioh game its been recently reported that the critically acclaimed action role-playing game has sold at least three millions copies worldwide.

While three million copies sold within the time span of three years does not sound like much its actually pretty impressive considering what Nioh had to compete with in relation to the action role-playing genre. Between 2017-2019 we saw the release of high profile Action-RPG’s such as: Horizon Zero Dawn, Monster: Hunter World, Assassins Creed Odessey, Kingdom Hearts III, Outer Worlds which were all titles that definitely could have overshadowed Nioh within that particular genre. While Nioh is still a pretty fun game to play many people are currently anticipating the release of Nioh 2 which looks very promising and can have more success than its predecessor.

New Call Of Duty Game Coming In 2020?

Apparently, there has been news circulating around within the gaming world as of late regarding the possible release of a new Call Of Duty installment for 2020. In fact, the COO of Activision Cody Johnson has confirmed that we will indeed see a new Call Of Duty game which is not expected to be released until the fourth quarter of 2020. As we currently stands we have no details on what this upcoming Call Of Duty game will be about or what game modes will be added or return for that matter. As many people the latest installment from the CoD series known as Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare was extremely popular following its release back in April 2019. In fact, within 72 hours of its release Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare made over $600 million this past year and ended up becoming one of the best selling titles of 2019. The realistic gameplay, storyline and numerous game modes featured in Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare made the game itself were all strong positives that added to its overall replay value.

Seeing how most of Activision’s Call Of Duty Games are critically acclaimed many people are having high hopes for their upcoming installment. Hopefully, we will learn more about this upcoming Call Of Duty game around E3 2020 this summer or maybe even before then. It will be interesting to see whether or not the Call Of Duty 2020 game retains a majority of the same features as CoD: Modern Warfare from 2019; if we get something radically different from CoD: Modern Warfare in terms of gaming hopefully its more of a forward than it would be sideways.

Final Fantasy VII: Remake Exclusivity Delayed until 2021?

Final Fantasy VII: Remake is a RPG that people have been waiting to see on the PS4 since the mid 10’s and it seemed like we were finally going to get it this year. However, there has been reports floating around that the highly anticipated JRPG Remake will have PS4 exclusivity until 2021 for reasons that are unclear as of right now. Its quite possible that Square Enix is taking more time in making sure that Final Fantasy VII: Remake is well polished for its future release on other game systems such as Microsoft Windows. However, many people who are fans of the Final Fantasy series are most likely disappointed with this news since the release date of FFVII: has been delayed multiple times which can ultimately contribute to the masses losing interest in the game itself. Its somewhat odd to think that the Final Fantasy VII: Remake was not set to appear on other gaming systems such asMicrosoft Windows; but we end up with Final Fantasy VII: Remake being playable only for the PS4 until March 2021.

While many people have enjoyed the PS4 console throughout the majority of the 10’s decade it seems like PC gaming has been more popular in general among the masses. However, there is no question that the Final Fantasy VII: Remake will be a huge attraction on the PS4 throughout the rest of 2020 along with the early part of 2021 until we hopefully get a PC version or possibly a Switch version of the game in the future.

Retro Gaming 00’s- RockBand 2: (2008)

When we think about big music rhythm games from the late 00’s one of the few titles that comes to mind aside from Guitar Hero: World Tour is Rock Band 2. For those who do not know Rock Band 2 was released back in ’08 the same year that Guitar Hero: World Tour was released and was a game is considered to be one of the best within the entire series. Rock Band 2 was the sequel of its ’07 predecessor which came out for multiple game systems such as the PS3, Xbox 360 and the Nintendo Wii. While Rock Band 2 felt more like an updated version of the original Rock Band opposed to a sequel it was definitely more popular and arguably had a higher replay value than the first two Guitar Hero games depending on who you ask. Rock Band 2 had so many cool game modes with the inclusion “World Tour”, “Battle Of The Bands” and even a “Drum Trainer” mode. With over 80 different songs and over 1,000 different downloadable songs for Rock Band 2 players would never become easily bored with the game after a short period of time.

In addition, to the music and game modes included in Rock Band 2 the co-op gameplay that allowed up to four players in a group was also a key highlight from this installment. Players who were in a group all worked towards a common score and the “Overdrive” feature utilized in co-op gameplay made performing more convenient for less experienced individuals . Rock Band 2 was a game had a nice balance of realism along with fantasy in relation to the gameplay. There were features in Rock Band 2 such precision that were emphasized in relation to players singing vocals and striking different notes on guitars in various songs which made for a delightful gaming experience. Since its release Rock Band 2 had managed to reach nearly 2 million copies in sales within a short period time; Rock Band 2 has also been praised by various gaming entities as being one of the best music rhythm games of the 00’s decade. While Guitar Hero: World Tour which was also released in 2008 was a step up from its ’05 predecessor for the PlayStation 2 many would argue that Haromix/Pi Studios Rock Band 2 was simply a more superior music rhythm game in ’08-’09. Rock Band 2 was quite possibly one of the best titles that MTV games had published along with its 2010 successor Rock Band 3. While its debatable which installment in the Rock Band series was the best since its inception in 2007 some would probably put Rock Band 2 within the top three of their list.

Arcade (80’s-90’s) vs Online (00’s-Present) which gaming era do you prefer?

When we think about how much gaming has evolved since the 80’s its something that seems almost unbelievable. The gaming world has seen various arcade games such as Outrun, Final Fight, TMNT: Turtles In Time, Tekken I-III, Mortal Kombat I-III, Street Fighter II and many others became very popular throughout the 90’s which was followed by the popularity of online gaming which really started to pick around the mid 00’s with the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360. When online gaming started to become popular during the mid to late 00’s the shooter genre of gaming became more mainstream with games like Halo II & III, Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare I & II and Gears Of War I & II. Also, during the early part of the 10’s decade the MMORPG genre of gaming became popular for a short period of time. We saw games such as Guild Wars II, Final Fantasy XIV Online, TERA, Star Wars: The Old Republic and which were all big MMORPG titles following their respective releases as PC gaming continued to grow in popularity throughout the 10’s decade.

Also online multiplayer gaming has become even more popular in the 10’s decade than it was during the 00’s with games such as Grand Theft Auto V, Fortnite, Red Dead Redemption II and others which were titles that were all considered to be addictive. While online gaming in general is somewhat expensive for those who are heavy users of the PlayStation Network or Xbox Live with inclusion of memberships for access of special features many would agree that its worth the experience. However, some who are fans of the arcade era of gaming would argue video games that heavily emphasize online gameplay loses its appeal after a few years once their servers go down and eventually becomes unplayable altogether. Also, when it comes down to online gaming players are often expected to pay more money for DLC opposed to having every possible unlockable item within a particular game. But then again online networks offered by Sony & Microsoft offers players an unforgettable gaming experience with both modern games and classics that were popular in arcade centers. While retro gamers from the 80’s & 90’s might have enjoyed going out to arcade centers to socialize along with spending endless coins in different machines; online gaming from 00’s-present is so much more convenient as pertains to socializing despite how expensive it might be overall.

RockStar Games Co-Founder Reportedly Leaving The Company Soon!!!!

As far as shocking news is concerned in relation to the gaming world is concerned a lot of people are currently talking about the latest announcement regarding the departure of RockStar Games Co-Founder Dan Houser. For those who may not know Dan Houser is a video game developer that has been around since late 1998 the same year that Rockstar Games was founded. Since the late 90’s Dan Houser has been involved in countless video game classics that we have seen from RockStar Games throughout the 00’s and 10’s decade. Dan Houser has the producer of games such as Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, LA Noire and Red Dead Redemption I & II which were all very high profile titles following their respective releases. Dan Houser also served as a writer for a majority of the GTA series along with Red Dead Redemption I & II and a voice actor for a couple of titles during his time with RockStar Games. At the moment we still have no idea on why the British video game developer decided to leave RockStar Games.

Its common knowledge that Dan Houser had took an extended break from RockStar Games back in Spring 2019 and that his last day with company is expected to fall on March 11th if this year. Not only is the gaming world waiting for an explanation from Dan Houser involving his departure but people are wondering how it will affect RockStar Games as a whole. Since Dan Houser has been a key figure in the development of the GTA see many people wonder how his absence from RockStar Games will affect Grand Theft Auto VI which be coming out sometime in future. This announcement is rather interesting especially since Take-Two Interactive will be releasing their quarterly earnings report sometime within this week. Hopefully, we will learn more information within the next couple of days that will shed light on this shocking development regarding Dan Houser and RockStar Games.

Nintendo Switch Online reaches 15,000,000 subscribers!!!

It looks there has been a lot of interstellar news within the gaming world as of late along with the growing popularity of Nintendo Switch Online being one of them. As far as subscribers are concerned Nintendo Switch Online has apparently jumped from having over 10 million in July 2019 to having at least 15 million. Its no secret that Nintendo Switch Online has been around for over a year following its launch back in September 2018; since then many people have been attracted to Nintendo’s online subscription due to the retro NES/SNES titles that have been featured along with online multiplayer gameplay certain games. However, there is no question that Nintendo Switch Online still has a very long way to go before catching up with lines of PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live as far as subscribers are concerned. As it currently stands Playstation Plus has at least 36 million subscribers which was something that we learned in late 2019. But during the start of 2019 it was revealed at Xbox Live had over 64 million subscribers which is not surprising since the online service has been around since the 00’s. Also, the Xbox Live is accessible on more platforms such as: Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, iOS and Android.

While we are still towards the beginning of 2020 and its always possible that the number of subscribers for the Nintendo Switch Online can increase significantly especially since the console itself is performing very well in terms of sales. However, just because more people are purchasing the Nintendo Switch it does not guarantee that the number off subscribers will necessarily increase. But then again the $20 yearly subscription fee for the NES/SNES online video game library very tempting and will most likely continue to play a substantial role in attracting more people throughout 2020.