Thunder Force II (1988) vs Super R-Type (1991) which game was more popular?

When it comes down to the scrolling shooter genre of gaming there are many retro gamers who remember titles such as the R-Type and the Thunder Force series which were popular in the late 80’s and early 90’s. While Super R-Type is well known for its unusual level of difficulty there are many people who remember Thunder Force II for its gameplay in general. After the first ever Thunder Force game was released back in 1983 as a Japanese exclusive Thunder Force II saw various improvements from its predecessor such as the inclusion of stages from a top-down perspective in addition to the side scrolling levels. Also, the Thunder Force II a unique weapon system along with CRAW add-on which enhanced ford power while protecting plate from enemy attacks.

Both Super R-Type along with Thunder Force II looked very impressive visually and were fun 2D titles to play back when the side scrolling shooter genre of gaming was still somewhat popular. In terms of gameplay some would probably give Thunder Force II the edge over Super R-Type. However, in relation to which game was more popular in general Super R-Type would be a game that most people would probably choose over Thunder Force II. Bu

Will The Resident Evil 2: Remake surpass Monster Hunter: World in sales?


As of right now one of the biggest games that the world is looking forward to seeing next year is the Resident Evil 2: Remake which is set to appear on the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One on January 25th. The Resident Evil 2: Remake is a game that about two decades in the making considering the fact that the original game was released for the PS1 back in January of 1998. Right now, it looks like the Resident Evil 2: Remake will be one of Capcom’s most popular games since Monster Hunter: World was released earlier this year January. Ever since, Monster Hunter World was released for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows the game has managed to sell over 8.3 million units worldwide in less than year.


In fact, Monster Hunter World has recently become the best selling game that Capcom has ever made surpassing the likes of surpassing the likes of Resident Evil 5, 6 and 7. In terms of best selling Capcom games in general both the Resident Evil and the Monster Hunter series have remained within that category throughout a majority of the 10’s decade. Seeing how Monster Hunter: World has not been available in retail for a full year just yet its safe to say that sales for that game will continue to climb for next couple of years. But as of right now its hard to predict whether or not The Resident Evil 2: Remake will surpass Monster Hunter: World in sales following its release in 2019.

Could Kirby’s Dream Land have been more successful on the NES?


When it comes down to Game Boy classics from the early 90’s that was very popular Kirby’s Dream Land is one of the many titles to come to mind. Kirby’s Dream Land was first released back in the summer of 1992. Ever since its release Kirby’s Dream Land has managed to sell over 5.1 million copies worldwide. Not only did the game manage to sell over 5 million copies worldwide but it also surpassed the likes of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, Super Mario Deluxe and Donkey Kong Land.


Kirby’s Dream Land definitely had the potential to be big on the NES back in ’92. The only issue the fact that the 8 bit NES was beginning to decline in popularity during the time because of more advanced game systems such as the Sega Genesis and the Super NES. If Kirby’s Dream Land was released for the SNES opposed to Game Boy back in the early 90’s it could have possibly became more popular than it was. But then again we did get Kirby’s Adventure the following year for the NES back in ’93. If Kirby’s Dream Land was released for the NES in ’92 there is a good chance that it may not have sold as much as it did for Game Boy.

Could Operation C have been more successful on the NES?


When it comes down to titles within the Contra series over the past three decades Operation C is arguably the most overlooked game in general. For those who do not know Operation C was released back in 1991 for Game Boy. Operation C was the first ever game within the Contra series to be featured on a handheld game system and was a title that fans of the series enjoyed during that time period. Despite, being a single player game along with having black & white visuals Operation C featured some unique gameplay in relation to certain stages.


Stages 1, 3 & 5 were basic side-scrolling shooter levels while 2 & 4 has a top down perspective which made Operation C interesting especially for a handheld game system during the early 90’s. However, seeing how Contra III: The Alien Wars was released for the SNES the following year in ’92 Konami most likely saw no point in releasing Operation C for the NES especially since the 8-bit console was starting to get old around that time. But in terms on whether or not Operation C could have been more successful on the NES than Game Boy is highly debatable. In all, honesty having Operation C NES opposed to Game Boy could have definitely made the game standout more during the early 90’s.

Should Mega Man & Bass be re-released for the Nintendo Switch?

As many people know MegaMan 11 is expected to appear on the Nintendo Switch on October 2nd which is a couple of days away from now. While fans of the Mega Man series have been waiting for the upcoming release of MM11 they have been enjoying some of the older games from the series on the Nintendo Switch. Ever since, the release of Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1 & 2 some have wondered whether or not Capcom planed on bringing the likes of Mega Man & Bass to the Nintendo Switch in the future. When Mega Man & Bass was first released for the Super NES back in 1998.

Since its release in the late 90’s MegaMan & Bass remained a Japanese exclusive until it arrived in America for the Game Boy Advance back in 2003. While some had the chance to enjoy MegaMan & Bass for the Game Boy Advance outside of Japan there are still a lot people who have yet to play the game. Seeing how popular the Nintendo Switch currently is and how appealing retro games have been on the hybrid console since last year MegaMan & Bass could really shine on this console.

Super Mario RPG (1996) vs Paper Mario (2000) which game had more success?

As many know Super Mario RPG along with Paper Mario are among two of the best Mario based role playing games that Nintendo has ever made. Super Mario RPG was praised for its 3D like visuals along with its storyline which diverted from Bowser being the main antagonist. Instead, we get a new villain named Smithy that players had to stop using playable characters Mario, Bowser, Princess Toadstool, Mallow and Geno. As good as Super Mario RPG was for the Super NES many people would argue that the game should have been saved for the Nintendo 64 especially since the console was released in 1996 as well.

Ever since Super Mario RPG was released for its graphics Super NES back in 1996 many people wanted to see a direct sequel to the game. But unfortunately, between the mid 90’s and most of the 00’s Nintendo and Square Enix were not on good terms with each other. Its was a real shame that we never got to see a spiritual successor to Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars especially since it managed to sell over 1.4 million copies worldwide and was praised by fans and critics alike.

Despite, the fallout that Nintendo and Square Enix has back in the mid 90’s we were still fortunate enough to get another Mario role-playing game for the Nintendo 64. Paper Mario was initially released for the N64 in Japan before appearing in countries like America and Europe during 2001. Paper Mario was developed by Intelligent Systems and published by Nintendo and was also a game that was well received by various gaming publications along with fans of the Mario series in general.

Ever since, Paper Mario was released the game has managed to sell over 1.3 million copies worldwide on the Nintendo 64 and is a game that remains a classic to this day. While both Super Mario RPG along with Paper Mario became successful following their respective releases there are some would be more inclined to give the 16 bit SNES Mario game edge over the classic that we got in the early 00’s. While Paper Mario was cool Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars was simply the best role playing game to have ever emerged from the Mario series period.

Will the exclusion of handheld gaming hurt the sales of Super Mario Party?

There are so many people who were surprised about the announcement that Nobody Nintendo made days ago regarding the absence of handheld gameplay for Super Mario Party. Nintendo has revealed that Super Mario Party would only be playable in TV and tabletop mode mainly because the Joy-Cons are needed for the mini-games which is total understandable. Besides a majority of Mario Party games that we have seen since 1998 have been played in TV mode for past two decades. Its highly, unlikely that the sales of Super Marty Party will not be affected by the absence of handheld gameplay.

In fact, the latest game in the series Mario Party 10 is proof of that since it managed to sell over 2.1 million units worldwide despite receiving a mixed reception in relation to its gameplay following its Wii-U release back in 2015. Its pretty hard to predict how Super Mario Party will do in sales within the first week or month but it seems likely to surpass Mario Party 10 seeing how popular the Nintendo Switch currently is. The exclusion of handheld gameplay should not be a critical factor on how the Super Mario Party performs in terms of sales at all.