Will Monster Hunter World sell 10 million copies before 2019?

As it currently stands Monster Hunter World is one of the most popular video games in the world right now. Ever since Monster Hunter World was first released in January 26th if this year the game has reportedly sold over 6 million copies worldwide. This action RPG had impressed many people when it was first revealed at E3 2017. There was no doubt that Monster Hunter was going to be one of the most popular RPG titles of 2018.

However, it seems like the success Monster Hunter World has exceeded the expectations of many people including executives of Capcom themselves. At this rate Capcom will probably end up selling over 12 million copies worldwide before 2019.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance vs Mario & Luigi SuperStar Saga which RPG was better?

Sometimes it’s hard to believe how many cool RPG titles where released for the Game Boy Advance back in the early 00’s. Both Final Fantasy Advance Tactics along with Mario & Luigi SuperStar Saga were both released in 2003. Also, both games are considered to be classics that would be difficult for most people to track down in a used game stores today. When it comes down to RPG titles Square Enix almost never fails impress the gaming community with their creations and Final Fantasy Advance Tactics is just an example of that. Final Fantasy Advance Tactics not only went on to sell over one million units worldwide was seen by critics as one of the best handheld RPG titles of 2003-2004.

Mario & Luigi SuperStar Saga was also a pretty cool game as well. Aside from Paper Mario the Mario & Luigi SuperStar Saga game was one of the more recognizable role playing games in the Mario series following RPG title for SNES which came out in 1996. Also, the fact that the plot took place outside the Mushroom Kingdom with the addition Bowser siding with Mario & Luigi against a the main villain Cackletta was also very interesting as well. Mario & Luigi SuperStar Saga also managed to reach over one million units worldwide in terms of sales and was an RPG that was critically acclaimed by various gaming publications as well. In terms of which RPG title is better is highly debatable since it’s hard to choose one game over the other.

Ivy & Zasalamel joins Soul Calibur VI roster

As many people have heard it was recently revealed a few days ago that returning characters Ivy Valentine and Zasalamel are now apart of the Soul Calibur VI roster. Ivy being added to the game was basically guaranteed since she has been around since the very beginning when the series first started in 1998.

Also, Ivy is one of the most popular characters in the Soul Calibur series and not having her in SSVI would probably disappoint many people. Also, if the story of Soul Calibur VI is going to focus on past events surrounding the very first game then it was pretty much a given that Ivy was going to be a playable character.

The addition of Zasalamel from Soul Calibur III as a playable may come as a surprise to some however. When Soul Calibur III was first released back in 2005 Zasalamel was arguably one of the most popular new characters in the series of the time. It will be interesting to see what his role in the storyline for Soul Calibur VI is going to be especially considering the fact that the plot revolves around the events of the very first Soul Calibur game. As of right now Ivy and Zasalamel have been confirmed to appear in Soul Calibur VI along with the likes of Sophitia, Nightmare, Mitsurugi, Xianghua and Kilik which makes for a promising roster.

Upcoming Switch Games- RiftStar Raiders: (2018)

One of the many titles that gamers can look forward to in 2018 RiftStar Raiders developed by Climax Studios. RiftStar Raiders is a top down shooter game that will be featured on multiple game systems such as the PS4, Xbox One along with PC. This game is set to be released this upcoming Tuesday on February 27th same day as titles such as Gravel will appear on the PS4.

The fact that we are finally going to get RiftStar Raiders on the Nintendo Switch is pretty cool. In fact RiftStar Raiders is a game that would most like stand out on the Nintendo Switch opposed to the PS4 or Xbox One. It’s hard to determine how we RiftStar Raiders will do for the Nintendo Switch in terms of sales but it definitely seems like a title that would turn the heads of those who currently own the hybrid console.

Should Railway Empire be ported for the Nintendo Switch?

As many people know Railway Empire was a title developed by Gaming Minds Studios which was released for multiple consoles such as the PS4 and the Xbox One back in late January of 2018. While Railway Empire is an impressive business simulation building title it seemed like a game that would be perfect for the Nintendo Switch.

While the PS4 and the Xbox One may have better graphics than the Nintendo Switch Railway Empire seems like a game that would stand out more on the hybrid console. After all, other simulation titles such as Sims and the Harvest Moon series felt like they stood out more on Nintendo based consoles such as Nintendo DS. Besides PS4 and Xbox One have so many shooter, RPG and fighting titles that could easily overshadowed a game like Railway Empire. The idea of having Railway Empire in the Switch console sounds interesting in theory but it’s uncertain on whether or not Gaming Minds Studios actually plans on making this happen. B

Upcoming Games- Concrete Genie: (2018)

There are countless games that the world is waiting to see in 2018. One of the more interesting titles that we are going to see on game consoles such as the PS4 is Concrete Genie which is a game developed by Pixelopus. The plot for Concrete Genie is interesting since the story revolves around a bullied teenager named Ash who can bring landscapes and creatures to life through paintings.

Players will have plenty of fun help Ash restore his town known as Denska as they progress throughout the game. As of right now the rating for Concrete Genie is still pending along with the fact that the game still does not have specific release date. But there is no doubt that Concrete Genie will definitely appeal to gamers who are interested in action titles.

Upcoming Games- Gravel: (2018)

As of right now it seems like 2018 is going to be a big year for Square Enix. In terms of big releases we are going to get to see blockbuster RPG titles such as Kingdom Hearts III and the Final Fantasy VII: Remake for the PS4. However, outside of the role playing genre of gaming Square Enix along with Italian video game developer Milestone will be releasing new racing game called Gravel.

Gravel is set to be released on February 27th and looks like it will end up being a very interesting racing title. Gravel will include various type of races such as: Speed Cross, Stadium Circuit, Wild Rush and Cross Country. Also, the graphics along with the career mode feature in this game seems very impressive. While racing titles such as Gran Turismo Sport and Forza Motorsport 7 are considered to be the top racing titles in the gaming world right now Gravel is definitely a title worth checking out.