Should the original Zelda game have been remade for the SNES?

Sometimes It’s hard to believe that the very first Zelda game was released for the NEE over 30 years ago in the Spring of 1986.  While the Legend of Zelda for the NES is considered to be a legendary action adventure classic from the 80’s there are some who questioned why the game was never remade with better graphics for the for the SNES during the early 90’s.  After all Nintendo remade the Super Mario Bros trilogy for the SNES when they were re-released for the console back in 1993.  

However, during the early 90’s The Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past was mainly what everyone was focusing on for the SNES.  If the original Zelda game was released for the SNES in the early 90’s that would have been awesome but it definitely could have taken some of the shine of Link to the Past which came out in 1991.  

Was Bomberman 64 overlooked on the N64?

The Bomberman series has been around since the 80’s and ever since its NES it had seemingly began to decline in popularity.  Even though, the recent release of Super Bomberman R has turned heads of long time fans of the series in the Spring of 2017there are games that became before it such as Bomberman 64 which people forget about.  

Bomberman 64 was not the series first 3D game ever but it also had an interesting story along with single player and multiplayer gameplay.  Along with challenging boss battles against the likes Regulus, Orion, Artemis and Altair players got to travel to different worlds such as the White Glacier, Blue Resort, Red Mountain and Green Garden to complete the game in its entirety.  Since its release Bomberman 64 had reportedly sold over one million units worldwide so without a doubt the game was a success.  However, the N64 had so many great games such as Super Mario 64, Mario Kart 64 and other. Also, Bomberman 64 was the same year Final Fantasy VII was released on the PS1 which was also a console with tons of exciting games as well.  

Did the SNES have better beat em up games than the Sega Genesis?

The beat em up genre of gaming was very popular back in the late 80’s and early 90’s on game consoles such the NES, SNES and the Sega Genesis.  For the SNES we had games such as the Final Fight series, Super Double Dragon, TMNT: Turtles in Time, etc. While the Streets of Rage series was very impressive for the Sega Genesis some might argue that it’s among few great beat em up titles that was featured on that particular console.  

In fact there have been people who have been waiting since the mid 90’s for a 16 bit side scrolling sequel to Streets of Rage 3.  But looking at the beat em up titles from the 16 bit era it seemed like the SNES had more memorable games overall Compton the Genesis.  

Could Chrono Trigger have worked for the Sega Genesis? 

When it comes down to SNES titles Chrono Trigger is an RPG Classic that many people loved back in the 90’s.  While Chrono Trigger is considered to be a legendary RPG title from the 90’s sometimes people wonder whether or not the game could have been a success on the Sega Genesis or not back then.  In terms of the RPG titles the Sega Genesis often featured games that were isometric which differed from SNES games.  

If Square Enix worked with Sega back in the 90’s and we got an isometric version of Chrono Trigger it probably would not have been as popular as what we got for the SNES.  When it came down to graphics and sprites Nintendo was arguably better than the Sega Genesis.  In fact when it came down to RPG’s in general the SNES had better games than the Genesis.  Even though, Chrono Trigger would have been interesting to see on the Sega Genesis it may not have sold as much as it did worldwide on the SNES.  

Upcoming Games- Detroit: Become Human: (2018)

We have seen many interesting action adventure games on the PS4 since the console was released worldwide back in late 2013.  In 2018, we will have another promising action adventure title to look forward to entitled Detroit: Become Human which will be developed by Quantic Dream and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment.  

One of the most interesting aspects about Detroit: Become Human is the way that the game is set up.  The branch storylines based on the decisions players make involving Kara, Connor or Markus makes the game feel realistic along with the exclusion of a game over screen following the death of a player. Also, the ability for players to rewind to certain parts of the story is also a pretty cool feature to help players make better decisions as they are going through the game. While the exact release date of this title is still unclear we know that Detroit: Become Human is most like going to be one of the best action adventure titles of 2018 for the PS4.  

Upcoming Games- Project Phoenix: (2018)

If your into traditional JRPG titles then you will be happy to know that Creative Intelligence Arts will be releasing a game entitled Project Phoenix for the  PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita along with other devices in 2018.  This real time strategy RPG title has the potential to make a big impact within its genre considering the fact that game been in the works since 2013.

Not only has Project Phoenix managed to raise way more than what was originally expected through Kickstarter but they also have people such as Hiroaki Yura and Nobuo Uematsu working on the game as well.  As far as the JRPG genre is concerned Project Phoenix is probably one of the most anticipated JRPG titles of the 10’s decade.  

Will the SNES Classic outsell the Nintendo Switch on Black Friday?

When it comes down to sales for Black Friday it will be difficult to determine which game system will do the best in terms of sales in countries like America.  While the Nintendo is one of the hottest modern consoles in the gaming market right now the SNES Classic has been gained an unexpected amount of popularity as of late.

Also the SNES Classic has also been priced at $80 plus tax since its release along with the fact that the pre orders for the retro based console sold out very quickly. As far as Black Friday is concerned it would be the best date for gamers to snag the SNES Classic or the Nintendo Switch. While the SNES Classic give people multiple games for less than $100 the Switch console itself on average is approximately $300 by itself.  In terms of which game console will do better in sales of Black Friday is questionable but we all know for a fact that the SNES Classic and the Nintendo Switch will be fly off the shelves in electronic retail stores around the world on Black Friday.