Podcasts (2018)

Will the PlayStation 4 Reach 90 Million in sales during 2019? 


Travis Strikes Again Coming Soon!!!! 


Would Mario Tennis Aces Be Considered a Success!!!


Red Dead Redemption 2 Becomes The #1 Game In The UK Christmas Week!!!!


Tekken 7 Coming to the Nintendo Switch In The Near Future!!!!


SNES Classic Being Discontinued Soon?


Tifa Lockhart (FFVII) vs Lightning (FFXIII) Who Was More Popular?


The PS1 Classic Drops to $75 on Amazon!!!


Would a Street Fighter vs Mortal Kombat Game Be A Huge Attraction?


The 25th Anniversary of Mega Man X!!!


Will Turn Based RPG’s Decline in Popularity?


Marvel Ultimate Allaince 3 Coming to the Nintendo Switch in 2019!!!!


Super Smash Bros Ultimate Reaches Over 1.3 Million in Sales!!!!


Mortal Kombat 11 Confirmed for April 2019!!!!


Zelda: Breath of the Wild Reaches Over 10 Million in Sales!!!


Is GTA: The Best Action-Adventure Game Of The 10’s Decade?


Toe Jam & Earl: Back In The Groove Coming In 2019!!!


Will The PSVR 2 Sell More Than 3 Million Units Worldwide?


Zelda: Skyward Sword Not Appearing On The Nintendo Switch?


Fire Emblem: Three Houses Coming in 2019!!!


Batman Arkham Collection Coming Soon To PS4 Pro & Xbox One X!!!!


PS1 Classic Will Be Available On 3rd!!!


Doom Eternal Coming Soon in 2019!!!


Days Gone Coming To The PS4 in 2019!!!


Fortnite Wins “Game of the Year” Award at Golden JoySticks 2018!!!!


The 24th Anniversary of the Sega Saturn!!!!


The 28th Anniversary of Super Mario World!!!!


Spyro Reignited Trilogy Reaches Top Spot in UK Sales Chart!!!!


Spider-Man PS4 Bundle Will Be Available For Black Friday!!!!


The Final Fantasy XIII Trilogy Is Now Backwards Compatible With Xbox One!!!


Shin Megami Tensei V Coming Soon To the Nintendo Switch!!!!


Will We See Another Unreal Tournament Game in 2019?

Would the 2000’s be considered Nintendo’s best decade?


Metro Exodus Coning in February 2019!!!!


The Nintendo Switch Suprasses Game Cube In Sales!!!


The Nintendo Labo Comes To Classrooms!!!


Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Earns $500 Million In Revenue!!!


Darksiders III Coming Soon To The PS4 & Xbox One!!!!


Code Vein Coming In 2019!!!!


The 30th Anniversary of Super Mario Bros 3!!!!


Dead or Alive 6 Coming Soon!!!!


Red Dead Redemption 2 Coming On October 26th!!!!


Monster Boy Cursed Kingdom Coming On December 4th!!!


Ori and the Will of The Wisps Coming in 2019!!!


Starlink: Battle For Atlas Coming On October 16th!!!


Ghost of Tsushima Coming Soon To The PS4!!!!


Final fantasy 7,9, 10 & 12 Coming To The Nintendo Switch in 2019!!!!


PlayStation VR Reaches Over 3 Million In Sales!!!


Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Comes To PS4 and the Nintendo Switch!!!!


Samurai Spirits Coming to the PS4 in 2019!!!


The 20 Year Anniversary of Metal Gear Solid for the PS1!!!!


Tetris Effect Coming Soon to the PS4!!!!


Shadow of the Tomb Raider Coming In September 2018!!!


Resident Evil 2: Remake Coming In 2019!!!


New Battletoads Game Coming To The Xbox One In 2019!!!!


Streets Of Rage 4 Coming Soon!!!


Forza Horizon 4 Coming Soon To The Xbox One!!!!


Bloodstained: Ritual Of the Night Pushed Back For 2019!!!


Mega Man 11 Coming Soon!!!


Shenmue 3 Is Coming To The PlayStation 4 In 2019!!!!


Bayonetta 3 Coming Soon To The Nintendo Switch!!!!


Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Reaches Over 10 Million Sales!!!!


Devil May Cry 5 Coming In 2019!!!!


Jump Force Coming To the PS4 & Xbox One In 2019!!!!


Will Metroid Prime 4 Be Released In 2019!!!


Super Mario Party Coming To The Nintendo Switch In Fall 2018!!!!


Soul Calibur 6 Coming In Fall 2018!!!


Super Smash Bros Ultimate Coming In December 2018!!!!


Final Fantasy VII: Coming Soon To The PS4!!!


Kingdom Hearts IIIn Coming In January 2019!!!!!


The Success Of Splatoon 2!!!!


The Success Of The SNES Classic!!!!


The Nintendo Switch Reaches Over 17 Million In sales!!!


Monster Hunter: World Equals Best Action RPG Of 2018?


Mega Man X Legacy Collection Coming In July 2018!!!!