Retro Gaming 10’s- Halo Reach: (2010)

Its hard to believe that the Halo series has been around for over 20 years now and that the series is still popular today. There are many people who will go on record and argue that the 00’s was the best decade overall as it related to the popularity of the Halo franchise mainly because the series was still fresh during that time period. However, despite Halo series not being quite as popular as it once was there were some awesome entries that appeared on game systems like the Xbox 360 and Xbox One from the 2010’s decade onwards. When you ask someone what they consider to be the top five best installments within the Halo series many people would most likely have Halo: Reach on their list. Halo: Reach was developed by Bungie and published by Microsoft Studios back in 2010 and since then it has received nothing but good reviews mainly from satisfied players and critics alike. The campaign mode had intense action-packed cutscenes that were arguably better than what we got in Halo 4 which came out in 2012. In terms of visuals the level designs for Halo: Reach was not quite as appealing as Halo 4 but the game seemingly had better dialogue and more intriguing storyline that players could easily sink their teeth into. The plot for Halo: Reach was set in the mid part of the 26th century in the year 2552 and sees humanity going to war with an alien group known as the Covenant. One of biggest things that many people instantly noticed was the absents of the series recurring protagonist Master Chief who was replaced by another protagonist named Noble Six in Halo: Reach. Despite, having a great story some believe that the campaign for Halo: Reach could have been a bit longer specially since all the main missions could be completed within day after purchasing the game.

Halo: Reach had eleven levels and provided players with numerous weapons choices including: Assault Rifles, Needlers, Magnums, Plasma Launchers, Swords, Spartan Lasers, Focus Rifles and more. There were also many hideous enemies that players would come in contact with throughout the Halo: Reach including: Hunters, Skirmishers, Elites, Grunts, Jackals and many others. Halo: Reach was one of the most successful games within the entire series on a commercial level and outperformed many entries within the series from a sales standpoint. Since 2010, Halo: Reach has managed to sell more than 9.5 million copies worldwide and has managed to become one of the most popular first-person shooter games of the early 10’s. Even though, Master Chief was not present in Halo: Reach Microsoft Game Studios still had way more positives than negatives within the game. Not only did the campaign in Reach feel like a step forward in comparison to Halo 3: ODST from ’09 but many people were astounded by the in-depth customization features along with the new multiplayer game modes such as: Invasion, Stockpile, Arena and Headhunter. Despite, what anyone might say Halo: Reach is title that will definitely be remembered as one of the greatest first-person shooter games of the 2010’s decade.


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