Should Soul Calibur V be re-released for the PlayStation 4 & the Xbox One

Soul Calibur 5.png

As many of us know Soul Calibur V was released for the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360 about six years ago.  Since then many people have wondered whether or not Soul Calibur V would ever be re-released for the PlayStation 4 or even the Xbox One.  As a game Soul Calibur V is not quite as popular as other titles in the series such as Soul Calibur IV.  When it comes down to in game mechanics and visuals Soul Calibur V looks amazing but the story mode is something that many people have been vocal about over the years.  The story for Soul Calibur V is centered around the two newest characters of the game Patroklos and Pyrrha who weren’t quite as popular as other characters from the older SC games.  Also, the story mode for Soul Calibur V felt rushed and ended being one of those things that arguably detracted from the quality of the game in general.

Soul Calibur 5.jpg

Aside from the story Soul Calibur V was a solid fighting game some would love to see  on the PlayStation 4 or the Xbox One.  But since Project Soul plans on releasing Soul Calibur VI sometime this year there is probably no point on having a remastered version of Soul Calibur V on the PS4 or the Xbox One unless there is some type of petition going around to actually make it happen.


  1. yes it should a complete addition including all of the equipment from lost swords that never made it in the rushed copy. id buy so if there smart they’ll do it. a lot of p
    pl would buy trust me.

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